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Pure Love (Ex-Gallows) Release “Bury My Bones” Music VIdeo

Pure Love (ex-Gallows) have debuted the below music video for their song “Bury My Bones“:


  • Relentless_Beating

    Holy shit! Frank can sing like a motherfucker.

    • boombatza

      was NOT expecting to hear this coming from Mr. Carter…….Not exactly hating it either….guess we can see why there were creative differences within Gallows

  • adamonfire

    I got through 1:30, just boring.

  • Rhinoron

    I still think Gallows losing Frank resulted in them losing their one defining “British punk” element. Such a shame.

    Having said that – he’s got some good pipes on him. He’s been saying people would be surprised… and wasn’t wrong. I’m hoping the other songs on the album sound less like The Darkness from a musical standpoint. Vocally and lyrically I like it though.

  • Fred Burst

    Is that Lucas from All Pigs Must Die on guitar? This is absurd to me.

    • boombatza

      former hope conspiracy guitarist

  • tenwestchaser

    It seems that every time someone leaves a band to focus on their own music, they go pop rock with it. Head Automatica definitely comes to mind right away. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?


    I’m not sure if I like this or not. It is very darkness meets head automatica. IMO the gallows suck now with their new guy and this will not replace the hole left in my musical heart. This is mildly entertaining, but mostly just a wtf moment.

  • swizzah

    what. the hell. is this?

  • Aggroculture

    He could have done this within Gallows. They were just establishing themselves, it was too soon to trash the brand. The Clash stayed together and wrote pop songs too.

  • joey V

    That was fun.