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Killswitch Engage Return To The Stage With Jesse Leach In Worcester, MA, Footage Available (Updated)

Killswitch Engage made their return to the stage last night, April 22nd, in Worcester, MA as part of the “New England Metal And Hardcore Festival“. The show marked the bands first since reuniting with former frontman Jesse Leach and featured the following set listing:

01 – “Numbered Days
02 – “Self-Revolution
03 – “Fixation On The Darkness
04 – “Rose Of Sharyn” (dedicated to ex-Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones)
05 – “This Is Absolution
06 – “Take This Oath
07 – “Prelude
08 – “Vide Infra
09 – “Temple From The Within
10 – “The Arms Of Sorrow
11 – “My Curse
12 – “The End Of Heartache
13 – “A Bid Farewell
14 – “Life To Lifeless


15 – “My Last Serenade
16 – “Holy Diver” (Dio cover)

According to those in attendance security was cracking down on filming during the show. Thus far only the following clip has surfaced online:


  • Donnie Narco

    yea The Palladium has been cracking down on filming for the past year and a half. has nothing to do with this particular show. if they see you holding up your phone for more than 5 seconds they’ll say something to you. they suck, security cracking down on drinking in the parking lots now too. sound guy is horrible. this place went to shit.

    • Fred Burst

      I’ve been hearing this from a lot of people. It’s a shame too. It’s a great venue. I grew up going to shows there. ‘Back To School Jam’, ‘Skate Fest’, Of coure ‘New England Metal & Hardcore Fest’ and tons of others.

    • adamonfire

      They used to be like that at the Fillmore Detroit but really gave-up on it in the past year considering everybody has phones capable of recording good quality video.

      • Donnie Narco

        yea it used to never be an issue, and when all the other venues in the MA/RI area seemed to not give a shit anymore this place decided to be a bunch of hardos.

    • BlueMoonRising

      I hate all the fucking cameras at shows these days. I can understand for monumental show like the first KSE show with Jesse back… but EVERY show you go to there are 5 asshats in front of you with a camera up the whole fucking time. If your gonna have your arms up the whole show, there better be some middle fingers and horns being made! No one wants to see your shitty quality video with shitty quality sound of a band that has toured for 2 years straight and played basically the same set at every show.(obviously i dont meant you specifically Narco… just THOSE people)

      • Donnie Narco

        hah i know what you mean, i “film” a lot but i’m tall and usually stay in the back near the bar so my camera is never in the way, however for the tiny camera that it is, it has pretty killer sound quality.

      • BlueMoonRising

        You will get much better sound in the back then up front. Wish those dumb nut sniffers with cameras up front would figure that out!

    • Ketaset

      so true, fuck the palladium now. Used to love tailgating, up on the higher level of parking lot. Now you can even choose where u park and they have cops there consistently. between old lupos, the living room, jarrods, axis & Avalon, and palladium; truly an end of an era. As far as small intimate, chill, and comfortable venues to see a show

  • adamonfire

    Here’s so low-quality audio/video of a few bits, including Howard-era songs:

  • Farts

    The quality sucks, but Jesse seems to be holding his own on the Howard songs just fine. Can’t fucking wait to hear some new material.

  • Surly

    Good times. Big metal smiles all ’round. Hopefully we can sample some better audio?

  • Njustice4all

    this is a very exciting time for killswitch fans. Jesse seems to be back with a vengeance, and he’s really proving his muster by successfully making those howard songs his own. Like Farts said, cant wait for some new heavy from these guys.

    • Tobias

      “Like Farts said” Did you ever think you would put those three words together ever in your life?

  • tenwestchaser

    So why have they always shied away from In The Unblind? I was hoping that Jesse returning would get them to play it. That song is the best, play it dammit!!!