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Love & Death (Ex-Korn) Streaming New EP “Chemicals”

Love & Death (formerly known as Head) have begun streaming their entire new EP “Chemicals” over at The group will release the offering on April 24th with a new full-length album set to follow in October.


  • jayofdajungle

    I’m interested to the point where I’m interested to know someones else’s opinion, not interested to listen to the free stream and form my own opinion.

    • NdR23

      That’s so valid that it makes me sick.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        The only good Head is the kind that involves my shlong getting wet.

    • jayofdajungle

      so does anyone have an opinion?

      • Surly

        Okay, I’ve taken one for the team…I had a listen. I won’t be listening to it again. He actually had the audacity to try his hand at a nu-metal influenced Devo cover of ‘Whip It’. I got spanked good…

  • arsmith

    Head needs Korn, and Korn needs Head. No music they make will compare to what they did in the past, but the problems both “bands” have had over the last few years could be resolved if they just got back together and jammed and made some songs. They’ve both gone soo far off into some sort of Johnny Depp fantasyland that they will never make anything that sounds complete again unless they work together.

    • chtimixeur

      Yup, this nonsense has to stop. They’ve already waster 7 years, and they aren’t geting any younger.
      Fieldy and Jon want him back, but Munky seems to have a big ego these days, and I’m not sure he wants to share the writing duties with Head again.
      What a waste.

      • Aggroculture

        Shame because Munky can’t write riffs for shit, and Head certainly can’t write a lyric to save his life.

        Also fire Luzier and get David back. He may be a douche but without his drumming Korn are lost.

      • TheMediaProphet

        I can’t say I’ve done my due diligence to keep up, but I thought it was Jon wh wanted nothing to do with him because of the whole finding Jesus deal?

  • kturl69


  • TheMediaProphet

    So… I just listened to the first track, Paralyzed. I’ll admit, there is zero originality in this, but it’s not bad. Had it come out as soon as he left Korn, it most likely would have blown up. I’d also like to give him props on being a decent vocalist. I mean, it sounds like he’s more or less impersonating Jonathan, but he’s good at it. I don’t plan on buying it, which is a bummer because Head was always my favorite and I was hoping for good things. Holy shit, I just realized I was listening to the Whip It cover while typing this out… ugh. Can we please put a stop to the 80′s covers?