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Tomahawk To Release New Album Later This Year

Tomahawk, who now feature Trevor Dunn (Secret Chiefs 3, ex-Mr. Bungle, etc.) in their ranks, are eyeing a fall release date through Ipecac Recordings for their new album.

As previously reported, tomorrow (April 21st) will mark the release of the bands “From Eponymous To Anonymous“; a three album (“Tomahawk“, “Mit Gas” & “Anonymous“) vinyl set being released for “Record Store Day“.


  • jayofdajungle

    First two albums were awesome. “Anonymous” not so much. I like that Dunn’s in the band now. High-hopes for this one. Patton’s best post FNM, Mr. Bungle band hands down.

    • tenwestchaser

      Weird that there would be so many thumbs downs for that comment….

      Anyway, I agree. Especially the first Tomahawk album. That thing rules.

      • Aggroculture

        I like the first one. The second one was rushed and many of the songs sound half-finished.

      • jayofdajungle

        I imagine it has to do with people thinking Fantomas is better. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan, but “The Directors Cut” is the only album that’s as good as the Tomahawk stuff imo.

      • Aggroculture

        To me Fantomas is pretty much a waste of time, a Boredoms tribute band. But Director’s Cut is certainly their best. Real songs trump squawks of noise every time.

      • Relentless_Beating

        LOL Fantomas a waste of time? LMAO That makes me laugh so damn hard.

        You haven’t had your mind blown til you have seen Fantomas live. It’s the most amazing thing ever. And if you have seen them, and still hate them, then you are borderline retarded.

      • Aggroculture

        I’ve seen them. I think it was the Fantomelvins Big Band…it was alright, nothing special. I’ve seen a lot better Mike Patton shows.

        As someone who has been following Patton since the early 90s I won’t take any shit from other Patton fanboys, especially people who’ve recently discovered his music and think everything he shits is gold. Not that I am saying you definitely are one of those.

      • Relentless_Beating

        LOL I would hope you aren’t calling me one of those. I have been with Patton since Angel Dust. Patton has had his ups, and downs, and they seem to be more with his one off albums.

        Fantomas/Tomahawk/FNM all are solid bands. Any band with Buzz Osbourne, Patton and Lombardo in it is tip top.

  • jakeunknown

    Just saw Dunn play with his band Endangered Blood last week. Twas amazing. Can’t wait to hear the Melvins Lite album and this new Tomahawk. The guy is pure class

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Anonymous is Tomahawk’s artisitic high point.

    • Aggroculture

      If by high you mean “high”… sure bro

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        “Art” is different than “pop,” broheim.

  • dontdoghb

    Anonymous is cool to listen to as background music. It’s not THAT bad is it?

  • dmoe

    Love everything Tomahawk and or Patton has put out. More is fine with me.

  • Relentless_Beating

    I’m super stoked for this album. Tomahawk gets me pumped. Never a bad release from them.

  • aporia

    This is amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!