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Spineshank Unveil “Anger Denial Acceptance” Cover Art And Track Listing

Spineshank have confirmed the details for their new album “Anger Denial Acceptance“. You can check out both the cover art and track listing below, while the album is due out through Century Media on June 19th.

01 – “After The End
02 – “Nothing Left For Me
03 – “Anger Denial Acceptance
04 – “I Want You To Know
05 – “Murder Suicide
06 – “The Endless Disconnect
07 – “I Am Damage
08 – “Ploratio Morbus
09 – “Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends
10 – “The Reckoning
11 – “God Complex (Anger)
12 – “Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)
13 – “Exit Wounds (Acceptance)

Spineshank - Anger Denial Acceptance


  • Lifeseclipse

    After I listen to the whole album, I will decide if I’m buying it or not. Self Destructive Pattern left a very bad taste in my ears.

    • cma3585

      I didn’t like SDP when it first came out about the time nu-metal started dying simply b/c I didn’t feel it held up to THOC very well. Then years later I put it on and realized it’s actually a hell of an album that isn’t far off from THOC.

  • Aggroculture

    Lamest cover art from comeback nu-metal b-listers…ever.


    Give it up, Santos.

  • kturl69

    Spineshank was fucking awesome back then. I saw them with 40 Below Summer, Ill Nino, and I think the headliner was Mudvayne. That was a killer nu-metal lineup back in 02′. I’ll def download this album for free.

  • chaovizua

    Jonny kicks ass… though i think the best album he’s ever put out is still silent civilian’s first album.