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Cancer Bats Streaming New Album “Dead Set On Living”

The entire new Cancer Bats album “Dead Set On Living” can be streamed via Facebook in exchange for a ‘like’. The album will see an April 24th release date through Metal Blade.


  • Relentless_Beating

    Got this album the other day, and its killer.

  • FarBeyondDriven


  • Farts

    These guys are awesome.

  • southpawchew

    i still believe they owe nf a another show, there drummer was sick so ratboy had to fill in and did a short set, but yeah i dig um just dont spin the mp3s that much will show up if they come tho!

    • adamonfire

      You mean Legs, right?

      • southpawchew

        NO it was ratboy formally of e.t.i.d.

      • adamonfire

        Was it on the tour with ETID? If so, that’s pretty cool and awkward.

      • southpawchew

        no it was in niagara falls and it was after he was out of etid hes from the area so he filled in

  • G Scotty

    Just picked up this album, unfortunately on mp3…could not find a hard copy anywhere. Shit is incredible, RATS and Road Sick are fucking awesome.

    • Farts

      It is a good album. My favorites are R.A.T.S, Old Blood and Drunken Physics.