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Fear Factory Release Teaser For New Single “Recharger”

Fear Factory have released a teaser for their new single “Recharger” online below. The single itself is set for an April 24th digital release; with the bands new album “The Industrialist” to follow through Candlelight on June 05th.


  • Farts

    I love album previews, and I hate them. In this case, this :49 second sample has put a bad taste in my mouth regarding FF’s new album…Sounds pretty bland, toned-down and unoriginal for these guys. That being said, it’s just a snippet and hopefully the rest of the album will melt my face off.

    • sansself

      I used to love Fear Factory until I realized that Burton C. Bell’s voice is total shit live. Even his screams sound weak nowadays, but at least it matches his clean vocals being god-awful. The rest of the song is unremarkable, yeah, but it sounds exactly like their last album with slightly more mechanical drum sounds again. I’m neither surprised nor impressed. That does suck because I want this band to do great things again. I don’t see it happening.

      • Farts

        Saw them back in 2001, and I was for the most part impressed. I enjoyed the musicianship, but I definitely remember the vocals being the weaker part of the performance. Either way, they come out with some decent stuff and they certainly have enough songs, on the majority of their albums(less 98% of transgression), to get me more excited than the majority of the shit metal (namely subgenres) that make me literally want to stick my penis in a meat-grinder.

      • Farts

        Sorry that was so long, I’m stoned (it’s medicinal).

    • Aggroculture

      It’s less than a minute, and yet I got bored.

  • Livedefflo

    I thought that was awesome, Better than anything on Mechanize for sure. I thought Mechanize all sounded the same except the last track which was nothing special. This track goes back to Obsolete days for me and i dig it. Better than most metal out right now.

    • Livedefflo

      i like my metal with some melody and clean vocals as well as harsh vocals. I cant listen to a band that does nothing but scream. I used to be able to but I am older now and it just gets on my nerves.

  • nickmongonijr

    I’m digging it and honestly just knowing that these guys are still around and tearing it up is good enough for me.

  • SteveTango

    I’m with Livedefflo, this reminds me of post-Demanufacture FF ala “Obsolete”. I liked what I heard.