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Powerman 5000 Planning 20th Anniversary Tour For The Fall

Powerman 5000 will head out on a 20th anniversary tour in September. While more details on what the trek will entail are pending; the following shows have leaked out thus far:

09/08 Vancouver, BC – The Rickshaw Theatre
09/13 Kansas City, MO – Beaumont Club
09/15 Libertyville, IL – Austin’s Fuel Room
09/19 Columbus, OH – Alrosa Villa
09/30 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
10/06 Louisville, KY – Phoenix Hill Tavern


  • wyldweasil

    No sarcasm? What the hell?

  • southpawchew

    i dont know if u can be sarcastic about a joke that has been going on for 20 years

  • Aggroculture

    Neck bone a back bone neck bone a back

  • kturl69

    Tonight The Stars Revolt was the shit. Supernova Goes Pop was my jam back in the day. They’re a bunch of no talent hacks but they made some catchy tunes back then.

    • WURST

      You also still like Limp Bizkit, so go figure.

  • FarBeyondDriven

    When they lost the bizarre sense of fun that they had on the first cd and abandoned that for pop-like melodies, they went downhill fast. But that first CD, while no masterpiece, was actually pretty interesting and unique. Tonight The Stars Revolt was a mix of good and bad (I think at that point Spyder tried to be more like Rob to make some money) Too bad he didn’t stick with his own bands uniqueness to see what they could evolve into. They might not have ended up the joke that they are now.

  • Donnie Narco

    “Powerman 5000 will head out on a 20th anniversary tour in September. While they get more Organizized on what the trek will entail are pending; the following shows have leaked out thus far:”

  • Gliese

    After they ditched the sci-fi schtick this band became irrelevant. Just another mediocre rock band in a sea of myriads.

    • A. Estes

      A sea of myriads?

      Please don’t use words you don’t understand.

      • Farts

        Actually, he used the word “myriad” just fine. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean other people don’t. Shit, at least do a quick google search before you incorrectly call someone out.

      • veil your eyes

        Props Farts, well played.

    • G Scotty

      what an asshole

  • Farts

    Ok, so powerman 5000 ISN’T a revolutionary male enhancement pill?

    • WURST

      Its actually quite the opposite. Listening to this band will make your cock limp and flaccid.

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      Yea, and Worlds Collide is actually a song about two swollen members colliding head first into one another.


    There’s only enough room in this world for one douchebag named “Spider/Spyder”, and that’s Evan Seinfeld. At least Evan gets to spin a hot little chick around on the end of his dick.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    It baffles me how shows like this will still be filled to capacity. Where the fuck do all the Powerman 5000 fans come from? I really hadn’t thought about this band since like 2002, and at that time I thought they were god awful. I wonder how their sound had “matured” since then?

    • southpawchew

      dude if this is a 20 year tour that means in 2002 they would of been together for 10 years if their sound wasnt mature then it probably ain’t any better now!

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Well I won’t be attending any of these shows. I guess I will never know.

  • Fred Burst

    Anybody know if they’ll be hitting up The Peach Pit in Beverly Hills again on this tour?

    • WURST

      You’ll have to talk to Brian Austin Green, he handles all the booking for The Peach Pit nowadays. One can only assume that’s what he’s been up to since the original 90210 ended.

      • emvath

        I imagine that banging Megan Fox probably takes up some of his time. Lucky bastard.

      • Farts

        I would eat raw chicken from Megan Fox’s anus.

      • WURST

        Lucky dude, indeed. However, I hear she’s a total cunt.

      • veil your eyes

        I would suck a fart out of that bitches ass like a bong rip.

  • ottoriff

    Wouldn’t a 20th anniversary be more meaningful if there was more than 1 original member left? It’s hard to reminisce about the good old days with a member who joined a year ago.

  • jhyeager84

    What the hell is with so much bashing to one of the greatest bands out there?! Sure I never heard of Mega Kung Fu Radio at the start, but once Tonight the Stars Revolt came out it was a refreshed PM5K! One that continues to rock the nation today! In fact I highly enjoyed Somewhere on the Otherside of Nowhere, honestly just about topping Tonight the Stars Revolt! This year I shall see them in Cleveland once again, and let me tell tyou the first time I saw them had to have been the best concert I have ever been to! And I’ve been to plenty! So all I can say is congrats Powerman 5000 and keep on pumping the tours and music!

    • G Scotty

      one of the greatest? i honestly can’t see why someone who actually cares about PM5K is reading anything at theprp…speaking of which, wook why the hell is this here?