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Shinedown, Godsmack, Etc. Rumored For 2012 “Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival”

Rumors have begun to circulate regarding the lineup for this years “Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival“. While official announcements have yet to be made, has been hearing that the following acts are reportedly in the running for the tour:

Papa Roach


  • adamonfire

    Well this certainly takes the festival in a different direction than previous years. But there’s no way POD would be ahead of PR.

    • Tom

      shitty radio rock festival books shitty radio rock bands. whats different?

    • TheGoodDoctor

      i don’t know…they’re pretty indistinguishable in terms of their shittiness, i don’t really think it matters all that much

  • Farts

    I foresee an abundance of wife-beaters and adidas flip-flops present at this tour.

    • WURST

      Fart, you and I are always on the same page and we also paint a similar image of the crowd. But you’re missing the most important piece to the puzzle: a sea of tribal tattoos. If any of you have a tribal tattoo, I’m sorry to offend you. But let’s face it, if you’re on the internet, chances you aren’t in a tribe.

      • Farts

        Sponsored by: Marlboro, Mountain Dew and Chevy Blazer Xtreme!

      • Farts

        Ah yes, how naive of me to omit the #1 symbol(and requirement) of full-fledged white trashdom! “Yo dawg, check out my tattoo, it says death and when you look at it upside down, it says life!”

      • WURST

        Hahaha very nice interpretation of the tribal tat. Kerry King must be the leader of his tribe with all that tribal on his body. The dude’s shit goes from his wrist to the back of his head.

      • damn

        The “No Sunblock Allowed Tour”.

      • WURST

        Pre-existing farmers tans are welcomed and encouraged.

    • jayofdajungle

      It can’t be regular mountain dew either, has to be code-something, regular dew isn’t extreme enough

    • jayofdajungle

      I actually know a couple people with that tattoo. You shouldn’t be allowed to get tats until your 30.

  • damn

    Nickleback. Now.

  • jakeunknown

    Poops have begun to circulate regarding the lineup for this years “Poopstar Energy Poop UpPoop Festival“. While Poop announcements have yet to Poop, has been pooping that the following poops are repooptedly in the running for the poop:
    Poopoo Roach

    • nickmongonijr

      Give this man the quote of the day!

  • 8 bit ninja

    Why don’t all these bands pool their resources and assemble like Voltron to form the shittiest band in the universe.

    • Living Phetus

      because i’m pretty sure Limp Bizkit currently holds that title, and will go down in history books with it.

  • jrr

    Pretty sure wook’s just getting a headstart on April Fool’s day. That potential lineup is too ridiculously awful and anachronistic to have any truth to it.

    • WURST

      somebody learned a new word the other day.

    • jrr

      The fun part is how that simply means you consider it to be some big special word beyond your typical scope. I’d hate to imagine how you’d fare amidst an intelligent discussion. Probably a good thing you and Farts typically talk amongst yourselves.

      Stay classy.

      • Farts

        What’d I do?

      • WURST

        I doubt that’s a word you use on a daily basis, JRR. Get over yourself. And no, it’s not a big word and never said it was.

      • Farts

        Who the fuck is talking about class on the fucking This is a metal site douche-nozzle. Self-righteous much? Ass.

      • WURST (ooh ah-ah-ah-ah)

        haha douche-nozzle.

  • Tortilla Man

    Honestly I love Staind, I don’t care if they are ‘Nu Metal’ or whatever, Every cd is totally different and while not every song is great, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love at least one of their songs. From “Tormented” to today, all the way!

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing godsmack, I missed them 5-6 years ago when they opened for Metallica and while I don’t love them nearly as much as Staind, I hear they put on a good show live and will never forget their “Awake” CD when I was probably 12, bought it at K-Mart and for some reason my mom thought the band’s name was “God’s mack”…. Good times.

    • WURST

      I stopped reading at “every cd is totally different”. It can not possibly get funnier than that haha.

      • jayofdajungle

        Hilarious. I read the same sentence and was like next

      • jayofdajungle

        Upon further review the “God’s Mack” part was funny. Sounds like the title to new Hammer (M.C. if you’re old school) album

    • adamonfire

      I’m a fan, just not when Aaron does his “I’m a country boy” schtick – that gets old real fast. Now I understand why Godsmack and Staind skipped the major markets around here for their upcoming tour.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      On the contrary, every Staind album (excepting their most recent perhaps) after the masses went apeshit for “Outside” sound identical. They had a great, heavy sound that they traded in for an acoustic woe-is-me puss-fest. “Dysfunction” is a record I still spin regularly, but it always made me sad how much potential they tossed out the window. Then again, they made a buttload of money doing it so who can blame them.

      • Aggroculture

        ^^^ well put. Horrible sellout band.

  • Darkdevout

    What the Hell is this shit fest?

    • A. Estes

      That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard St. Anger.

      • Darkdevout

        lol Nice, I just picked this album cover cuz I thought it would be original :/

  • FullyAutomatic

    I would have been stoked….a decade ago.

    • mrvictorick

      Yea but at that time you had Ozzfest 01/02 lol

      • monkeywithagun

        At least Ozzfest 02′ had Glassjaw, Down, and Meshuggah. There is no glimmer of lite of any kind of good music on this uproar tour.

  • Darkdevout

    Last Year was great because it was like I was reliving my middle school years, Before I started playing guitar and knew what superior bands were, You can’t beat uproar 2011 it was the epitome of Mainstream Hard Rock line ups, this year just sounds horrible.

  • chevelle1984



    Throw on an up & coming rockin’ band like BLACK SUMMER to open this bad boy & I’m there!!!!! ;)

  • Fred Burst

    They should change the name of this outing to Jock Rock: The Tour.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    They should change the name of this tour to the “I’d rather drink diarrhea Tour”.

  • Synlover

    I’m just gonna go to the Mayhem Festival instead! So not excited about Uproar this year………………………..

  • jaime0225

    I am so excited about this line up:) when are we going to no for sure this is the line up and the date?

    • Darkdevout

      You must be new here…

  • paulmax2

    I see some tribal tat bashing going hey farts nice log name with a name like that you shouldnt talk what you think good music is goatwhore do me a favor join the world pull your head out your @#&!

    • robishow

      …pull your head out your ahn? I don’t get it it.

      • robishow

        I mean – I don’t get it it it.

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      paulmax2: Use punctuation. You sentences read like shit.

  • ilikepie4444

    this guy is good enough to open this

    • Darkdevout

      You just made my day, I can die a happy man after watching that.

      • ilikepie4444

        I’m glad I could help

  • coolguy2424

    Down here in Hampton Roads Virginia, we got this radio station called FM99 putting on a similar event. They call it the ‘Lunatic Luau-The Resurrection’. Bands include Shinedown, Slash, P.O.D., Five Finger Death Punch among others. I was offered a free ticket. May go just to see Slash do some G’N’R. “Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.” That and the epic amount of white trash sluts that will be on site.