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Amusing Old Footage Of Nine Inch Nails Performing On “Dance Party USA” Available

Amusing (and slightly embarrassing) quality footage of Nine Inch Nails performing “Down In It” on late 80′s/early 90′s TV show “Dance Party USA” has been making the rounds online. You can watch it below:


  • Relentless_Beating

    I never took NIN as a band that would lip sync their own stuff. lame.

    • Surly

      I think you should be more concerned that Reznor was even on Dance Party USA!

      • Relentless_Beating

        Every band does something embarrassing at some point.

      • WURST

        Keep in mind, “Down In It” was the first single released and at that time NIN were nobodys. They didnt really get big until “Head Like A Hole” was released a couple months later. I agree with Relentless.

    • robishow

      Looks and sounds like DP USA (no, not THAT show…) just straight up played the album track over the performance, never mind the vocals… Of course it’s lame. I can’t see this being a willing decision on Reznor’s part… “Y’know what? Screw live performance, let’s just bounce around and play the album track!” Those decisions come down to show producers.
      ’80s Reznor kicks ’80s Maynard’s ass though… now there’s a look that was embarrassing…

    • fortybelownj
  • cma3585

    Interesting to see if Reznor speaks on this and claims the record company “made” him do it.

  • chevelle1984

    My favourite was when Richard Partrick’s hair…….

  • coolguy2424

    Those audience members have some sweet dance moves.

    • revstevo

      right? check out the couple doing the running man at like 1:14

    • WURST

      The dude is the black Los Angeles (yes, LA) Raiders hat with the swoop bangs was EXACTLY what my brother looked like in ’89 hahaha. That brought back horrible fashion memories from that time.

  • insanemusically

    This was awesome….

    • WURST

      Surly doesnt want his avatar back.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        …but he may still be bitter. watch your back insanemusically.