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Crown The Empire Sign With Rise Records

Crown The Empire have inked a deal with Rise Records. Word on the bands forthcoming release plans are pending. In the meantime, a video for the bands track “Voices” is available below:


  • Bitter Old Man

    Jesus Christ, wook…are you legally obligated to post garbage like this? Does that fruitcake allichs have something to do with this??

    • allichs

      do u really want wook to lose all his shit and become homeless? Heartless Old Man

    • allichs

      I agree though after listening, this shit’s beyond ghey

  • RxInfection

    “This video has been sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch, Vidal Sassoon and Starbucks.”

  • My Farts Linger

    Didn’t watch the video, but I’d definitely bang that blond chick.

  • G Scotty

    “Stop me if i’m wrong but, wasn’t your mole…on the other side?”

    “I have a mole?”

  • G Scotty

    …And Bieber-core was born…no wonder the Mayan’s thought the world would end in 2012

  • TheLoCoRaven

    I started watching it just to see if the blonde chick was the singer. I still can’t believe people like this screamo type crap.

    • goop

      I think the parents deserve the blame: doubtful those kids paid for anything required to pull this off.

  • Surly

    Gotta make a living somehow, right?

  • RhiNo

    Does this kid have a speech impediment? The entire 59 seconds I watched, I wondered why the other members of the band would let him front…

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