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New Pun-Filled Korn Promo Video Available

A newly-released marketing campaign video for Korn‘s impending UK dates packs on the groan-worthy puns. You can watch it below:


  • damn

    Who the fuck is Corn?

  • Mandrew

    1:44 – They could’ve at least avoided having the “hoodie” twat talking in front of a Royal Mail sign which – considering the R reversal outbreak – isn’t reversed.

  • gornron

    Won’t they ever stop? Can’t somebody *make* them stop? I mean, c’mon… WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  • southpawchew

    i think the background music is better then anything on korns new cd

  • SMF360

    Oh boy………….

  • Donnie Narco

    sooooooo happy my balls dropped in ’98 so i don’t get 90% of these puns

    • xenophonic

      Funny, I didn’t know people stopped getting puns once their balls dropped.

  • TheLoCoRaven

    And this is the reason I drink NOS.