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CKY Move On Without Deron Miller, Recruit Year Long Disaster’s Daniel Davies As His Replacement

It would appear that the months of tension and acrimony between the members of CKY and their frontman/guitarist Deron Miller are now over. That being due to the band having at least temporarily moved on without him.

The groups recent stint on the “Soundwave Festival” down under saw them perform with Year Long Disaster frontman/guitarist Daniel Davies in his place (CKY drummer Jess Margera also performs with Davies in the latters ‘solo’ outfit.)

The following interview with CKY confirms the switch, with guitarist Chad I Ginsburg also stating that they plan to record new material with Davies.

Live footage of CKY performing with Davies at the Sydney, Australia stop of this years “Soundwave Festival” can be seen below:


  • Tom

    completely fucking ridiculous. change the band name.

    • Lern2Swim

      Yes, you’re right, that is a completely fucking ridiculous thing for you to say. Seriously, get over it, it’s not like this is setting a precedent that hasn’t been done numerous times before.

      I agree, that if a band changes their sound wholly by changing members they should change their name. However, if they’re going on with the same intent as always, I don’t see a problem.


    after “volume 1″ everything else is a joke. stop making music and be sure to have Bam on tour with you when your van flips!

    • J3553

      bullshit. I.D.R. is probably their definitive record, and they’ve made a lot of great songs since vol.1.

      and the bam hate always makes me laugh. i think it’s just jealousy. the dude gets paid obscene amounts of money to hang out with his friends all day and act like an asshole. you’d do it too if you could.

      • adamonfire

        I’d agree with IDR, and I’d even give AACBF their #2. Don’t get be wrong, Vol. 1 is awesome, but if I were forced to put them in order that’s what it’d be.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        I think your both crazy as shit. and people who like Bam don’t skate, those who hate him wish he’d stick to just skating.

      • adamonfire

        *me, whoops. Vol. 1 set a good foundation, but the two following albums really took the ball and ran with it.

  • UhMilhouse

    Whether you like them or not, I’m pretty sure Deron Miller wrote most of CKY’s material, so those guys going on without him doesn’t seem quite right.

    • J3553

      i think you’re right, and furthermore, deron had a pretty unique playing style that was vital to cky’s sound.

      it’s a shame he had to be such a dick. the rest of these guys – especially chad – deserve better. best of luck to them.

  • Aggroculture

    I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they come up with. It’s likely the problem is with Deron Miller: the last two CKY albums were garbage, and so was World Under Blood.

  • cma3585

    Davies is an awesome rock vocalist so I’m looking forward to hearing this.

  • nonetheless

    Funny how bam has to sit down with them to have the interview. Deron was the meat and potatoes of the outfit. Chad is a stumbling drunk, jess is a mediocre drummer, and the bass slot is revolving. Vol 1 killed everything they made. There was/is no way to create anything better. I agree Tom, change the band name.

  • Aries Veil

    Fuck is Bam a fat piece of shit these days.

    • HonoluluBlueBalls

      Lol. Have you seen his family? It was only a matter of time. No amount of skating in the world can make up for those genetics.