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Love & Death’s (Ex-Korn) New Full-Length Expected In The Fall

A bit more clarity appears has emerged regarding the release plans for Love & Death (formerly known as Head). The following tweet was recently made by band frontman/guitarist Brian “Head” Welch (ex-Korn):

“Finishing up the mix for WHIP IT tomorrow. Finished CHEMICALS on Friday. Things are moving. FULL LENGTH ALBUM COMING IN THE FALL!”

The “Whip It” referred to above is of course a Devo cover. As revealed in recent tweets, it would appear that the group plan to have an EP out in the coming months with a full-length album to follow in the fall.


  • damn

    You know your band must really suck if you have to append “x-korn” to its name…… like that is really going to make people more interested to hear your cover of Whip It. No thanks.

    • Aggroculture

      Pretty sure that’s Wook’s doing, not Head’s.

      • WURST

        you’ll have to excuse Damn, he literally has two brain cells.

      • damn

        Wurst, take your mom’s salami out yer mouf.

    • MrSoundofmusic

      Dude, don’t start slamming the band until you’ve heard them. You need to check them out, Look up Brian “Head” Welch’s “Save me from Myself” Album. It is the same band just under a new name, the Album is Awesome!

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