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Ghost To Cover ABBA During New Album Sessions

Ghost recently chatted with and revealed that they have a cover of ABBA‘s “I’m A Marionette” demoed. A proper studio version of the song is expected to be recorded during the sessions for the bands next album, for which it will likely serve as a b-side or bonus track.

According to the one of the “Nameless Ghouls“:

“It’s fun to do covers, especially when you come up with a cover that’s… a bit unexpected. I mean to see a groove stoner band play a cover of “Symptom Of The Universe” it’s so boring…”

He later continued:

“Unfortunately most metal bands, most rock bands, tend to do covers in a way they wanted to make it. They just want it to sound like the original band. I mean that’s boring, it’s not very fun. That’s not at all what Ghost‘s about

We want to take something like “Here Comes The Sun” and we wanna… I don’t want to say destroy it, but I want to say we want to make it in an unrecognizable, twisty way — and the same goes for ABBA.

As a matter of fact the song “I’m A Marionette” by ABBA is a really, really dark song. You know, buy the record, download it, whatever. Just hear it, it’s really really cool. It fits Ghost like a glove.”

It is later stated in the interview that the band have their new album written and that they plan to record it later this year.


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