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Cold’s “American Dream” Music Video Available

Cold‘s music video for their track “American Dream” was debuted online a couple weeks back. You can check it out below:


  • tenwestchaser

    This will fit in nicely with the rest of the Hinder and Nickleback’s and other shit of the world being played on the radio these days. It’s also pathetic to see dudes in their, presumably, 40s dressing like that. I literally laughed at the drummer.

  • Sam Eagle

    This is straight from the “What the hell happened to this band?” files…

    I can’t believe this is the same band that released “13 Ways to Bleed on Stage”.

  • mrvictorick

    not the same band though. way different guitar players.

  • M3DL1N

    they are a good band but this last album sucked

  • BallzOfSteel619

    They’re in the guns N roses, chimaira, orgy section of being a band that’s completely different except the singer. This band use to be fucking great. Their selt titled and 13 ways to bleed on stage were solid rock albums during the “nu-metal” heyday. Then with like so many cases, drug addiction fucked it up

    • Sam Eagle

      You’re obviously not a very bright one, are you?

      Scooter Ward, Jeremy Marshall and Sam McCandless are all original members of the band.

      • BallzOfSteel619

        Oh no, I’m not. Thank you soo much for cuntface enlightenment. I can sleep easy now knowing there’s brainiacs in the the world like you….fuck off

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      U Mad Bro?

  • theguilty1

    Turn off the distortion and this is a country song.

  • My Farts Linger

    This is fucking ridiculous. I used to somewhat enjoy this band back in the day when they were a bit on the darker side. What the hell is this shit? Sounds like Nickelback had an anal love-child with Seriously, people making music for the sole of selling records and appealing to a larger crowd, pisses me the fuck off. I hope your tour bus catches on fire, sell-outs.

    • My Farts Linger

      Apparently, half of my text in that last message got deleted. Should have said “had an anal love-child with .

      • My Farts Linger

        I can’t win…..moving on.

  • CaptainCream

    Fu-king horrible. I thought A different kind of pain sucked. This is hilarious. Im gonna watch the video for no-one and pretend this shit never happened.

    • My Farts Linger

      No one is a great song!

    • jg566


  • star_AD

    It’s sad to see this. Oh well. I’ll remember them fondly from the first two albums.

  • nickygoods

    iwrestledabearonce is the greatest band ever

    • jg566


  • adamonfire

    Nice Daughtry cover.

  • Fred Burst

    Are people really surprised this isn’t good? “13 Ways…” had a few decent tunes but if you listen to COLD’s catalog it’s easy to hear that his band has never had any real substance. Hence them bringing in Rivers from Weezer to write them a song in an attempt at a second big single…It never happened. They got dropped by their label, Fell off the face of the planet and reemerged with this sad attempt at radio rock. That song is about as dime a dozen as they come these days. Easily forgettable. Even easier to forget without all of Fred Durst’s money backing them and buying them onto radios, MTV and big tours.

    Time to pack it in guys. Good riddance.

    • jg566

      I wouldn’t say “never had any real substance.” They were pretty good back in the day.

      • Aggroculture

        Not really. Like Staind, they were in the right place at the right time with the right friends and the ability to jump on a bandwagon. They had their moments. And their moment has long since passed.

      • Fred Burst

        @Aggroculture hit it right on the head. Right place. Right time. Oh. And Fred Dursts mountains of cash funding them at the time didn’t hurt either.

  • jg566

    I saw Cold at a pub on Long Island last year during a Sunday night football game. All Scooter kept doing all night was trying to convince the “crowd” how good Cold’s music goes with football and shit. It was getting a little weird but that just proved to me right there that they are begging to be commercial bullshit. Used to love Cold …