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God Forbid Debut New Song “Don’t Tell Me What To Dream”

A new God Forbid song by the name of “Don’t Tell Me What To Dream” has been posted online below. The song is off of the bands forthcoming album “Equilibrium“, which will arrive in stores on March 26th through Victory Records.


  • FarBeyondDriven

    Whenever I hear this band, I can only think about the night at the bar after a show where they opened for Soulfly. The lead singer was sitting next to us at a table and was talking to us. Mostly he was just hitting on a girl we were with and not having even remote success… Ah, good times.

    • WURST

      (continuing your sentence)
      …until we looked down and saw his dick in her hand.

  • My Farts Linger

    God forbid is one of the few “metalcore” bands that I still enjoy. While I enjoy both this song and ‘where we came from’ I can definitely say that God Forbid seems to be playing it safe on this new album. Should be solid regardless, but I hope to hear something a little more “fresh” coming from some of the other singles.

    • WURST

      This is the real “black” metal. I agree this track sounds like they’re playing it safe and it will be a solid album.

  • Bitter Old Man

    Although this isn’t wowing me quite as much as I’d hoped, I still like it and I’m sure the album will be solid. Even though they’re no Lamb of God, God Forbid has probably been the most solid and reliable of that group of “metalcore” bands they came up with. I love Chimaira, KSE, Shadows Fall and all them still, but GF are the only ones that never put out a disappointing album.

  • Brian

    Am I the only one who never considered God Forbid a metalcore band? Sure, they were gaining popularity at the same time as KsE, Unearth, AILD, etc., but there was never any ‘core’ in the music!