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iwrestledabearonce Release Trailer For Their Horror Film “A Beary Scary Movie”

iwrestledabearonce have released a teaser for their upcoming horror filmA Beary Scary Movie” below. The full-length feature is expected to arrive in the coming months.


  • adamonfire

    Fuck these people.

  • Ska_Mitzvah

    I hate this fucking band so much. Literally, every time they post any sort of video I cringe. Just like I did from 0:12 to 0:18. What in the fuck was that. Now, that’s a woman wouldn’t mind punching.

  • BallzOfSteel619

    Ahahahahaha….does the itty witty band have you guys pissed off. excuse them for being a standout band in a world that’s filled with carbon copy bands. You cringe at whatever they put out? Why the fuck to you keep looking at their shit then dummy? Is wook putting a gun to your head?

    • adamonfire

      Standout band? Are you… being serious? Walls of Jericho and Arch Enemy shit all over these clowns.

      • JFran

        Don’t forget about Paramore and Otep…

        My point is that IWABO gets the backing from their label/management to do this kinda thing. If you don’t like it, great. If you do, then you have the sense of humor to get through life without being a miserable prick that wants to see chick singers poo on other chick singers.

    • bad_taco

      There is honestly nothing standout about this band at all. All of their music sounds exactly like Arsonists Get All The Girls first album but poorly executed and with out-of-key singing. Even AGATG wasn’t doing this first, before them there was (and still is) Horse the Band. Those bands are more stand-out than this garbage and they have been doing it for much longer. Give credit where it’s due.

      • BallzOfSteel619

        Hey buddy, do yourself a favor an d look in the dictionary. Standout does not mean first or one of the first. It means STAND OUT. I’m fully aware of what horse the band (actually one of my fav bands) and agatg have/are doing. Iwabo is doing something that started treading water (as far as I know, prior to both bands you listed) about 8-10 years ago. So again I’m not saying they’re doing anything new.

        As far as your comment mr. onfire, I’m dead ass. I didn’t say they were a standout female fronted band, so I don’t see where the bands your throwing in the mix are even relevant. I’d throw in bloodline caligraphy and smakdab (go ahead and google em’ lol) if I was gonna do shit fetish comparissons.

  • allichs

    I just hope there’s a lot of blood, splatter and gore to keep me entertained

    • adamonfire

      I bet you hope they’re Jewish

      • allichs

        I only wish death to muslims bro

  • robishow

    *………………… cough, cough………………………..*

  • Aggroculture

    I’m still waiting for that black metal album. Even an EP would have been cool. I hate it when bands say they’re going to go black metal, and then don’t, even if they’re joking. I remember Coal Chamber promised their second album would open with a black metal song (Dez was hanging out a lot with Phil Anselmo at the time). Didn’t happen either. Fucking fake black metal fuckers.