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Sinch To Release “Hive Mind” In March

Sinch will release a new fan-funded album by the name of “Hive Mind” on March 20th. The track listing for the effort can be found below:

01 – “Cause And Effect
02 – “Targets On The Range
03 – “Vessels
04 – “Mapless
05 – “State Of Affair
06 – “Gods And Profits
07 – “Easier Said Than Done
08 – “Over Medication
09 – “Speaking In Code
10 – “Green Light
11 – “The Observer
12 – “Jack’s Heart
13 – “Instructions: How To Die
14 – “We Are Still Alive


  • cma3585

    Always dug their two albums. One of the very few looking forward to this.

  • picobo

    sweet sweet news!!
    loved their previous albums aswell, can’t wait!

  • solitaryscience

    Holy shit! It’s like High School is re-visiting me. Keep the good headlines coming wook.

  • sansself

    Oh man, Sinch is back?! FUCK YES! They were one of the few bands that came out around the early 2000′s that actually did something different. This is the best news today, for me.

  • RCSoul

    I’m a big fan of their last two albums. I’m pumped for the new hotness.

  • nevermuse

    One of the greatest creations known to mankind exist in this band. I am grateful to be allowed to hear everything they’ve put together and hope they continue to do so for a long time coming.

  • My Farts Linger

    Wow, based on the feedback, and the amount of people responding that rarely post on, I am going to have to check these guys out. Feedback to follow( you know you care).

    • Surly

      I think you missed this valuable piece of feedback, however.

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