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Attack Attack! Fulfill Contract With Rise Records, Working On Next Album

Attack Attack! have fulfiled their contract with Rise Records and are considering their options for their next album. have been following the story and have some more info on it. Meanwhile, the band have already begun recording their new album with producer John Feldmann (Atreyu, The Used).


  • drivingadreani

    Hopefully they choose the option to never record this next album

    • Vautour

      Making pseudo-witty comments without reading the post first: Fail.

      • My Farts Linger

        defending Attack Attack: Fail.

      • Vautour

        Giving a fuck: Fail.

  • Darkdevout

    Let scene kids be scene kids, let purists be purists, it pisses me off to see all this arguing about this band, Wook should make a banned bands list. Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, Emmure ect.

    • hXcDUFF83

      i just think all the different sects of fans, metal, hardcore, ___core, ___metal, scene, what ever the fuck, should all stop acting like little fucking bitches and get over them self’s… guess what? everyone is an individual, and likes different things… i guess its super awesomesness to sit behind a keyboard and belittle people based on what they enjoy >.>

      i for one like the band… and i would welcome new music, from any band i enjoy, this fast. good for them.

      • Darkdevout

        I agree, but different sites sometimes attract a different community, and I feel that this website is full of purists, I believe my idea would make the bickering stop, I bet there are plenty of “core” sites out there.

    • Vautour

      Sounds like SOPA 2.0 to me.

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