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Spineshank Sign With Century Media, New Album Due In June

Spineshank have inked a deal with Century Media. The band plan to release their new album “Anger Denial Acceptance” through the label on June 05th.


  • Scott Jones

    I thought they wanted to go “go out on top” with that Grammy nomination back in ’03.

  • southpawchew

    well…… least the new song sounds better then anything off the last cd.

    • chacho

      Where’d you hear the new song?

      • southpawchew

        Link off Wikipedia

      • Donnie Narco

        Pimp Rock Palace

  • Ph8ed36CF

    They actually have several lyrics videos up for new tracks off the new album. Check out their FB for ‘em.

  • 8 bit ninja

    Just went to see them a couple months ago, with the ten other people in the bar for the show (literally.) They sounded great though and I am really looking foreward to this album. They played quite a few new songs which were pretty catchy.


    Just give it up already, Santos.

  • A. Estes

    I’m glad to see them back. Sure, they were sort of Fear Factory-lite, but I would rather have seen them blow up than the likes of Disturbed. Height of Callousness is still a solid record.

  • schuler

    Been a Spineshank fan since Strictly Diesel. Height of Callousness was definitely their peak, but I enjoyed the last record a lot, too. Not really digging this new song as much as I’d like, but I’m interested to hear the rest of the new shit and I’m glad they got a deal with Century Media instead of a label with no clout and no clue. Pretty sure CM will spring for proper distribution and touring. 16 year old me is stoked as fuck.