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Baptized In Blood Pay Tribute To Nirvana As Baptized In Bleach, Footage Available

Baptized In Blood paid tribute to Nirvana this past December, performing a special set as Baptized In Bleach in London, ON. Fan-filmed footage from that set has been trickling out online over the past month and can be seen below. Cancer Bats were also on the bill for the evening, performing a Black Sabbath tribute set under their Bat Sabbath alter ego.

In Bloom“:

Negative Creep“:

Something In The Way“/”Breed“:

Stay Away“:




    Wow! Their renditions actually suck more than the originals. Why would any hard rock or metal band pay homage to Nirvana? You can thank Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc for the fact that there was no metal in the mainstream after its peak in 1994.

    • adamonfire

      Who gives a shit what’s mainstream as long as music you like is still being made?

      I haven’t listened to this stuff yet, but I’d be interested in similar sets if more artists did stuff like this. You’d think it’d help keep them fresh to not play their own same songs 200x a year.

      • SLAYERGUY79

        I do not mean to sound like I care what is mainstream and what is not mainstream. I listen to underground metal as well as radio friendly hard rock and everything in between. My point is in the early 90′s metal was actually getting the recognition it deserved in the mainstream, but then the whole ‘grunge’ trend took over and pushed metal aside. Problem was ‘grunge’ was a trend, not a genre of music. Therefore, when ‘grunge’ died with a gunshot to Kurt Cobain’s head, so did all rock and/or metal in the mainstream. What do you have left? YO YO YO rap/hip hop BS. All I am saying is it was a major fall from grace considering that Pantera had the #1 album in America with “Far Beyond Driven” in 1994.

      • adamonfire

        Music has always been like that. You’ll notice Motown isn’t at the top of the charts, nor is jazz, swing, polka, big band, and even for the most part R&B. Slayer was never at the popularity of Poison, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, etc. in the 80′s anyways.

      • HonoluluBlueBalls

        Pearl Jam had the #1 album in late 94, after Far Beyond Driven and Kurt’s death, so I think that kills your theory. You must have smoked more herb in the 90′s than I did. Metal was not about to become mainstream. I know it hurts but it wasn’t Nirvana’s fault that you never heard Nailbomb on your local alternative station.

  • revstevo

    everyone’s entitled to an opinion, regardless how wrong it is, but honestly, do your god damned homework before you come on here and make some fucking brain dead inflammatory comment you fuck. i’d expect this kinda shit from Wurst but, really?