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Faith No More, Queen, Refused, Marilyn Manson, Etc. Confirmed For 2012 “Sonisphere Knebworth” Festival

The initial lineup has been officially revealed for this years “Sonisphere Knebworth“. The festival will of course take place in Knebworth, England from July 06th-08th.

Bands revealed thus far in order of billing include:

July 06th:
Headliner TBA
Within Temptation

July 07th:
Queen with Adam Lambert
Tim Minchin
The Darkness
Flogging Molly
Lacuna Coil
Fields Of The Nephilim

July 08th:
Faith No More
Marilyn Manson

Mastodon (performing “The Hunter” in full)
Cypress Hill
The Blackout
Andrew W.K.
I Killed The Prom Queen



    Normally I get jealous when I see all the kick ass festivals that take place in the UK and Australia, not this one. Even with Faith No More, this lineup is still struggling.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Queen…with Adam Lambert? What. The. Fuck?

    • A. Estes

      My thoughts exactly. Suddenly that Paul Rodgers nonsense a few years back seems appealing.

    • robichaud1

      What d’you mean? Lambert isn’t the original singer?

    • tenwestchaser

      Yeah dude that shits ridiculous. But really, why aren’t they just touring with Sacha Baron Cohen?

  • rockout54

    I’m quite certain I would eat a fresh shit sandwich straight out of a hobo’s ass if it meant I could go to that last date.

    • A. Estes

      I know, right?! ANDREW FUCKIN’ WK!

    • WURST

      i know right, SWITCHFOOT!! (sarcasm)

      • robichaud1


  • adamonfire

    Last day is easily the best, but I’ll be seeing nearly 1/2 of it at Rock on the Range.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      I hope Incubus smoke a bowl of ’97 vintage before heading out to play in that line up. Otherwise my wise ass believes this killer group playing around them might just eclipse that stuff they put out lately.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        ie. “that stuff” being both their studio out put & Brandon Boyd & Copany’s many Live shirtless singalongs that they make now.
        Fuck, I’ma hater.

      • jampola

        I saw Incubus a few weeks back in Thailand and sadly, they smoked a bowl of current day shit balls.

      • adamonfire

        While their new CD is far and away their worst, the songs are still pretty good live – I saw them over the summer, so I’m hoping a year removed from its release they will be less inclined to be top-heavy with songs from that album. They didn’t play quite a few other hit songs to make room for the new ones – A Certain Shade of Green, New Skin, Warning, Talk Shows on Mute, Dig, Love Hurts, Black Heart Inertia, etc.

        However, they did play Circles, Sick Sad Little World, When It Comes, and Vitamin so that’s good….. especially considering Tom Morello joined them on SSLW.

  • star_AD

    Why why why can’t these fucking things take place in USA????????

    • A. Estes

      Because we get these bands in circulating tours all the time. Europeans get them all in one, big dumping.

  • veganbassist

    Am I the only one that’s really, really confused by this lineup? This is by far the weirdest fucking group of bands put together that I’ve ever seen. Queen, Fields of the Nephilim, Gojira, and Flogging Molly on the same stage? Cypress Hill with Manson, Andrew W.K., and Refused?