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August Burns Red Working On Christmas Album

August Burns Red drummer Matt Greiner has revealed that the band will be recording material for a Christmas-themed album next month. Speaking with, he offered:

“We’re currently writing a Christmas record which we’re recording in March. That’s something we’re all very excited for. We’ve released 5 Christmas songs so far and we’re looking forward to this one. I’m not sure when the release is. I’m not even sure it will be this year. But the tentative plan is to finally get these songs down and put a bunch of eclectic metal-ish Christmas songs together on one CD…”

When asked if the album will be a mix of originals or classics he replied:

“I think we’re going to be doing both. I presume covers, which we’ve already done some of and maybe some original stuff as well. But the covers are obviously the bigger hits. People know the melodies. Christmas songs are some of the most recognizable, distinguished melodies of all time, so it’s kind of a no-brainer there.”


  • Aggroculture

    Big mistake. Never heard this band, but this sounds like a completely stupid idea.


    yeah this pretty ridiculous. the band is borderline good, generic most of the time, but this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • allichs

    I hate the both of you with my whole heart.

  • skgilby

    I must say I am pretty excited for this. I love August Burns Red and all of their Christmas songs have been pretty awesome.


    The two top posters are clearly idiots. One of them said he hasn’t even heard ABR? Well clearly he would know whether or not this is a good idea right?

    For the record August Burns Red’s Christmas tracks have been nothing but stellar this far. I had hoped they would at some point just do a whole album of them.

    I’ll definately be looking out for this.