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Dead And Divine’s Cover Of Deftones’ “Lotion” Available For Streaming

Dead And Divine‘s cover of “Lotion” by the Deftones has been circulating online and can be heard below. The cover was given away as a free digital download to those who attended a trio of shows the band played in Ontario earlier this month.


  • allichs

    not bad at all! and worshipping Deftones is always good ;)

  • Kaine Muse

    I love this band. The single got accendtly leaked on one of their Twitter accounts and I’ve been rocking it since. Normally I wouldn’t of jumped on it, but since it’s Candian exclusive I had too : /

    Don’t worry D&D, I’ll still buy it if it ever hits iTunes. Just like I do all your albums!

  • Surly

    Personally….I’m not a fan of the drums. It sounds like he’s hitting a cardboard box.

  • chtimixeur

    It’s a decent cover, but the drums sound way to mechanical.

  • the hidden agenda

    Great cover. I’ve never heard this band, but I checked them out after this cover, I like them.

  • Ortegasm

    Meh. There’s no swag to it – sure they played it well but the singer doesn’t show any emotional variance.

  • RxInfection

    Of all the times I’ve seen Deftones this song has always been my absolute favorite song to hear from them live, good to hear this band not absolutely butcher it. Good cover, amazing song.