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Killswitch Engage Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz Discusses Jesse Leach’s Return

Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz has spoken with Noisecreep on the return of vocalist Jesse Leach. Speaking on that he stated:

“Honestly, we didn’t want to jump into anything too quickly. We were in a position where we could take our time and try out as many singers as we wanted. There are a lot of talented singers out there, and we didn’t want to rush everything. We ended up mulling it over a bit, and we tried out a few different people.”

He continued:

“When we got back in the rehearsal room with Jesse, it just felt right. He’s one of my good friends, and the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time, and all of that stuff, was gone when he jammed with us again. We also knew what Jesse is capable of, so it just took all of us getting in a room together again to remember how cool it once was. He blew us away.”

More from Dutkiewicz, including some insight as to why Leach originally left the group in the first place, can be found at the above-mentioned link.


  • allichs

    “and we tried out a few different people”, does anyone actually believe that?

  • kturl69

    *Thumbs Up* for all white Killswitch reunion (^)mm (^)mm

  • Gliese

    Still don’t have any hope for this band, I love Jesse but the roles are different now. Adam is now on guitar instead of drums. He drummed for AOJB, not the guitar.

    • The Shark™

      Um, you’re quite wrong. Adam not only recorded the drums for Alive Or Just Breathing, but also recorded guitars (along with Joel), wrote the majority of the songs, engineered, and produced the album. What you’re saying doesn’t hold any water because every drummer they’ve gotten since then (Thom Gomes and then Justin Foley, who’s their current drummer) are both better than Adam ever was. Adam has been on guitar full time for nearly the last 11 years. Are you just hearing about this band, or or you just retarded?