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Korn Perform On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Footage Available

Korn were the musical guests on last night’s (February 02nd) episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“. You can watch the band perform their tracks “Narcissistic Cannibal” (with Kill The Noise) and “Get Up!” on the program below:

Narcissistic Cannibal” (feat. Kill The Noise):

Get Up!“:


  • Weird_White_Dude

    Wow. They actually let that OTHER guitar player come out from behind his cabinets and be seen by fans? *GASP*

    • allichs

      guess what, my ticket for the european korn tour arrived today, you mad bro?

      • Weird_White_Dude

        Sounds about right. Have fun raving. Don’t forget your glow sticks and Skirllex T-Shirt, DOUCH BIGALOW.

      • allichs

        too bad the Skrillex show in Cologne GER is on the same day as the Get Infected Tour. I decided to go to GI.

      • Weird_White_Dude

        Sounds rad. Take some E and die while you’re at it.

      • allichs

        nah bro, I don’t do drugs, I’m gonna take the 2 E(STK) bitches instead.

  • southpawchew

    i tried to take this cd seriously cant. not my thing. i dont know why everyone is saying that this is so unexpected from korn they well john has been doing this sense issues, well i am just glad they can still play shows and make money in this day and age good for them i guess

  • JohnnyWetTowel

    Fieldy’s possessed-rag doll poses at the beginning of each song…are amazing.

    • UhMilhouse

      It’s hard to believe he still does that shit. I can see it working for a Marilyn Manson tribute band circa 1996, but beyond that, sorry Fieldy.

      • JohnnyWetTowel

        Maybe he thinks HE is Head. Or maybe those are just him having strokes.

  • musicalsnob


    maybe fieldy lost some brain matter when he sheds some pounds, who knows? i sure as hell dont know

  • Dangerface

    I seen your bald spot Jonathan!!!!!

  • mirrorBaLLin

    I love it when these Dj guys act all hard while pushing buttons on their macs. I mean it’s not like he’s playing the guitar, he wasn’t even present during the second song. Did he really need to be there at all ???

    Just leave your bandana on man, you didn’t break a sweat

    • HonoluluBlueBalls

      I love this.