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Sumerian Records Founder Speaks On Trivium Frontman’s Royalty Check Tweet

Sumerian Records, etc. founder Ash Avildsen has publically responded to Trivium frontman Matt Heafy‘s now infamous royalty check tweet. Speaking through Twitter himself, he directed the following message to Asking Alexandria‘s Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce:

“@BenAfuckingA @DannyAfuckingA you should tweet your six figure royalty check to show Trivium how the Sphinx does it. Music is still alive.”

In case you were not aware, Asking Alexandria are of course signed to Sumerian Records.


  • groverXIII

    The very idea that Asking Alexandria are collecting six-figure royalty checks illustrates much of what’s wrong with society today.


    A six figure royalty check for AA is hard to believe, but there is more to meets the eye to Matt Heafy’s royalty check of $1.31. Namely, the record label they are signed to, not so much of illegal downloading running wild these days. Besides, anyone that knows anything about heavy music knows bands do not make there money from selling music. They make their money from touring and merch sales. As Summerian seems to suggest, it also depends on how well the band’s label treats its artists.

  • UhMilhouse

    I find it extremely hard to believe that a band most people have never heard of are pulling down numbers like that.

    • RxInfection

      You obviously underestimate the power of Hot Topic and the idiot kids who spend every dime their parents give them there.

      • UhMilhouse

        Granted, but still, with the way the industry is, and that band is not THAT popular, unless they’re doing really well in other countries which I didn’t think of before.

      • adamonfire

        Well they are a British band….

    • Bezerker

      I think you’d be surprised. I’ve been trying to find people to jam with on Craigslist, and I shit you not, almost every post mentions Asking Alexandria as an influence. A lot of them also say that they dont want anyone over the age of 22 to respond to the listing as well.


    After this stunt by Matt Heafy, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roadrunner doesn’t dump Trivium from their roster…….to make room on their roster for new free agents Limp Bizkit!

    • adamonfire

      Yeah…. I think Roadrunner can float the $5.24 to keep Trivium on their roster.


    A real irony would be if Trivium would get dumped by Roadrunner, but sign to Sumerian….too bad Trivium isn’t ‘sumerian core’ sounding enough for their roster.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Sumerians think the decimal point is a comma. Gotta love remedial math.

  • schuler


  • Brell

    I don’t like Trivium and think they are a very mainstream sounding metal band, but Asking Alexandria makes Trivium sound like Cannibal Corpse. So of course AA is going to be getting bigger royalty checks. Someone ask Ash how much royalty checks are for BOI or VOM. Those bands are broke as hell.

  • FullyAutomatic

    I don’t see how AA could make that much as overhyped as they are…if you listen to their music it isnt hard to play…whatever. apparently that check for Matt is from Spotify account, not Roadrunner.

    • Vautour

      Yeah, because playing music that is hard to play gets you more money and makes you more successful, right? Don’t let any jazz musician hear that.

      • SiX50SiD

        just saw trivium and Sevendust for the new years bash…along with black tide….It was talk about family within the music industry between all the bands on the bill. It truly is about the fans who support. Trivium did not blink an eye. Perfect show for the one’s who know perfection. Sevendust was a good one though heheheh ….happy new year all.