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Rumors Of New Chimaira Lineup Swirl, Former Band Members Plan New Project (Updated)

A number of Chmaira rumors have been swirling lately thanks to the teasers featured in their recent free remix EP. The Allinaline remixes included on the EP had the following text embedded within their lyrics tags:

“Remixed by Jeremy Creamer. Jeremy will be handling bass guitar duites for Chimaira in 2012.
Yes, we just got Daathier”

Meanwhile, the file included within the zip file for the EP is expected to refer to former Dirge Within guitarist, Matt Szlachta. Szlachta has been widely rumored to have joined the band in recent weeks.

With Creamer set to handle the bass duties, it looks as though current band bassist Emil Werstler (also of Dååth) will be taking over the groups other recently vacated guitar slot. Meaning Creamer will be the bands new bassist while Werstler and Szlachta will be handling the guitar duties in Chimairååth Chimaira.

In related news, it would appear that soon to be former Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold will be starting a new project with former Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick. Two recent tweets from Herrick read as follows:

“Would it be safe to assume that if soon, me and my friend Rob Arnold were to write some music together, my friends would be interested?”

“I knew a potential Rob Arnold/Andols Herrick project would get people excited. First things first, I need my new drum set! Will be u posted!”

Update – December 27th 7:09pm:

Emil Werstler has now been officially confirmed as one of the bands new guitarists.


  • cma3585

    Pretty soon I’m gonna have to post an emotional Youtube video yelling, “LEAVE DAATH ALONE”. I hate that Hunter’s involved w/ Levi and Werstler.

    • Lern2Swim

      Yeah. It seems to be having a really negative effect on everyone involved….

      Note my fucking sarcasm.

      This hasn’t negatively effected anything and you’re just being a whiny internet fanbitch.

      Also, what exactly are you imagining Levi’s involvement with Hunter to be?

  • Weird_White_Dude

    This whole situation is beyond confusing.

    • schuler

      For real. I’ve already said I don’t care much for Chimaira, and I haven’t really given any of their stuff a shot after the self-titled album. Most of my friends disagree, but I hated it because it seemed like the songs were long for the sake of being long without going anywhere… Chimaira’s St. Anger. As for Daath, I never liked that band period.

      Now that I’ve actually typed all this, I don’t know why I’m following this story, as neither of these bands affect me at all. I am stoked on Arnold and Talley going to Six Feet Under though, because that shit will be awesome.

  • diabsoule

    Haven’t cared much for what Chimaira has done since bringing in members from Daath. Now their Daath with Mark Hunter. woopity do.

    But Arnold and Herrick should be pretty badass.

    • Lern2Swim

      {Haven’t cared much for what Chimaira has done since bringing in members from Daath”

      Uhhh… you mean touring? Because that’s all they’ve done together. The Daath members were not involved in the writing of the last album.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Chimaira is dead. Let the beast die. There is no Resurrection.

    I’m game for whatever Andols and Arnold are working on.

    • fake

      Same here. Impossibility of Reason is the only album I still listen to. Over time I found the vocals to be the weakest part of the recent albums.