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Initial Bands For 2012 “Warped Tour” To Be Announced Next Week

Apparently the first batch of bands for the 2012 edition of the annual “Vans Warped Tour” will be announced on December 07th.


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    • TheBDanAbstract     November 28, 2011 at 9:54 pm

      For some Ungodly reason I went last year. Waste of money. The only bands that I wanted to see were August Burns Red, Relient K, The Acacia Strain, A Day To Remember(yes, I do like them), Set Your Goals, and The Wonder Years, and The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals, and A Day To Remember played at the same damn time, so I only saw A Day To Remember. This festival is planned horribly. 3 bands in relatively the same genre and relatively the same fan base playing at the SAME TIME. Who though that was a good idea? I saw more bands I can’t fucking stand than ones I wanted to see.

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    • warped tour 2012 will bring about the appocalypse, only thing worse would be a festival thrown by hellyeah (new most hated band, welcome to the big leagues boys)

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      • It used to not be bad at all here in Detroit, but for some reason they made the footprint smaller this past summer and left an entire area empty that they previously had a large stage in before. I’ve seen numerous layouts in the same spot over the years, including having both main stages next to one another, but this year was by far the worst. I don’t mind the 30-minute set times and of course everyone misses a band (or a few) that they want to see due to having to choose, but that’s to be expected for a $35 show. Could they set it up better? I completely agree.

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    • August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, they need to get trapped under ice to play, haven’t heard hardcore that good since black flag!

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      • I saw T(I)NC back at Warped Tour 2004, great show. Other bands from that time that I saw at that show included (yes, I keep track of the shows I’ve been to):

        - Anti-Flag
        - A7X (coming off of Waking the Fallen)
        - Bad Religion
        - Billy Talent (awesome live)
        - Coheed & Cambria
        - Rufio
        - Story of the Year (also awesome live)
        - Taking Back Sunday

        It was a lot more favorable to alternative than pop-metal in those days.

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    • Warped only came to AU in 1998 and 1999. I got to both, for me, most importantly for the Deftones. Yes, times have changed for the most part….

      -Unwritten Law
      -Suicidal Tendencies
      -Less Than Jake
      -The Vandals
      -Living End
      -Blink 182
      -Frenzal Rhomb
      -Toe to Toe
      -Mighty Mighty Bosstones
      -Nancy Vandal
      -22 Jacks

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