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The Dillinger Escape Plan Joined Onstage By Ex-Vocalist Dimitri Minakakis In NYC, Footage Available

The Dillinger Escape Plan were joined onstage by ex-frontman Dimitri Minakakis during their set at Terminal 5 in New York City, NY this past Saturday, November 19th. Minakakis joined the band during “Sunshine The Werewolf” and played “43% Burnt” with them as well.

Fan filmed footage of that can be found below:


  • allichs

    43% Burnt is meant to fuck you up every time you listen to it.

  • American_Natemare

    They need to bring Fix Your Face back into rotation.

  • American_Natemare

    And anyone who still pines for Dimitri, he still sounds terrible live.

  • sickboy_xl

    Puciato is definitely the better singer, but I love it when bands reunite with original members on stage. Dimitri made Calculating Infinity. That’s gotta count for something.

    • American_Natemare

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I would have lost my shit if Dimitri came out at the show I went to (I did get to see Barney though). Dimitri has just never sounded good live when I saw DEP during his years.

  • Surly

    I admire this band. Their touring schedule is relentless. Apart from creating envelope-pushing music in the studio, they continually destroy live. Whether or not you actually like their music or arrogance, they deserve the respect from their peers and fans alike.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    I love the stuff Dimitri did w/ Dillinger, Shit, It’s actually the ONLY era of DEP I actually listen to, But @American_Natemare is right, This dude has never been a good live frontman.

    Also, As much as I love Dimitri era Dillinger, I have yet to really be able to get down with anything he’s done after DEP.

  • xasafx

    this shit was awful. he was so terrible. i don’t think he knew any of the words to the miss machine + beyond stuff and even their calculating stuff sounded off… he definitely made the set worse.

  • Curtis E Flush

    I found it fun how much bigger he is, albeit not as jacked, than Puciato. He just picked up Weinman and tossed him around like bag o’ dirt.

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