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Job For A Cowboy Finish Recording New Album

Job For A Cowboy have officially wrapped up recording sessions for their new album. The band enlisted the production team of Jason Suecof (All that Remains, Chimaira), Eyal Levi of Daath fame and Ronn Miller for the outing.

Speaking on it, the band recently tweeted the following:

“The new full length is officially done. Waiting for mixing and mastering within a month. Now… What to call it? Expect big news.”


  • Kaine Muse

    Can someone explain to me why JFAC is so popular? They sound like every other unorganized grindcore band without talent. Is it just because their shirts at Hot Topic seem kind of cool? Can those 12 year olds even read their logo?

    • Vautour

      You disqualify yourself by sorting them under “grindcore” and claiming they were “without talent”. Go listen to some Nickelback.

      • tentonwolf

        Grindcore no. Talentless big time. JFAC, whitechapel, suicide silence and all the like are a trend us music lovers will endure for a decade before ppl regain their wits, or become wards of the state lol. Pretty sure you require severe brain damage before you can get down with the death/grind/whogivesashit-core two step, no offense to all you core kids, but the music(if you call it that) is stupid and calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid.

      • tentonwolf

        I really dig how if you don’t like the core bullshit the n you listen to nicklesack, you core kids are probably all closet R. kelly fans huh?

      • Vautour

        ^ If you were a music lover, you would not talk shit about a whole genre just because YOU don’t like it, idiot. And you might even know that all the bands you listed consist of good musicians – even if you don’t like what they play. But why the fuck do I even bother…