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All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Responds To Backlash From Homophobic Black Veil Brides Comment (Updated)

All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte has taken to his Facebook/Twitter accounts to address the backlash over yesterday’s news of him directing a homophobic slur at Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack.

Some of his postings can be found below with all of them available at the aforementioned social media accounts:

“”I use the word “FAGGOT” in reference to a guy who dresses like @Jeffreestar but w/o the pink and it makes the metal “news” and I’m a homophobe. I say “I back gay rights 100%” and no one makes a peep. NIce job metal media.”

“Also, I’ve talked to @jeffreestar, he’s a cool guy. Or girl. And he doesn’t get fucking butthurt by the word “faggot””

“Oh, and he’s sucked WAY more dicks than the singer of Black Veiled Brides. I don’t think Andy is even GAY. #mediacreatedoutrage.”

“America, ya know what sucks? Beheading someone for SORCERY. Rape. Murder. Violence. That hurts. Why doesn’t the metal “media” mention any of that? Oh yeah, cause it doesn’t generate traffic to their site.”

“And in six months no on will remember this at all. But in six months the guys who got their heads cut off for speaking out against the NarcoCartels in Mexico will still be dead.””

Update – November 03rd 3:58pm:

Labonte has made what he describes as his last remark on the subject via his social media pages, you can read it below:

“I think this will be my last remark on the subject. All the blogs that don’t like what I said, or what I post, or my politics. YOU ALL MAKE MONEY CAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE ME! As much as you “hate” me, you love me. Cause every once in a while I say something you can hate on. Maybe it’s a comment on here, where I am far more honest than ANY other person in the music industry today, OR we put out a disc that you can not listen to but still say how much you hate it. You’re welcome. Faggots.”


  • adamonfire

    He tried to topsy-turvey that motherfucker.

  • allichs

    lil’ Phil is a big joke.

  • jrr

    It does seem odd that no one covered him saying how he backs gay rights 100%–usually people jump on the chance to call someone a hypocrite, which he absoultely is. And I love how seems to think throwing around the word “faggot” is okay as long as the guy isn’t actually gay. If he wants to rip on the guy from BVB for looking ridiculous, fine. But don’t rip on an entire demographic of people in the process.

    And what’s this shit about beheading sorcery, rape, and murder? Is he just referencing general black/death metal lyrics? Or is he referencing something that has absolutely nothing to with music at all, let alone metal, and complaining that metal media doesn’t cover it?

    What a fucking nigger. ;)

    • jrr

      Here’s another gem from his FB: “I’m short and balding. I’m not fucking “vertically challenged” nor do I have a “negatively producing hair follicles” Fucking bullshit.”

      Yeah, ’cause saying “faggot” is the same as saying “short” or “bald.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone miss the point so completely.

    • Lern2Swim

      I was totally with you, then you lost me, then you got me back on board with your last sentence. Thumbs up.

      I am personally of the opinion that racism/sexism/homophobia(can we change this to an -ism? I don’t think homophobia works as a term, personally) do not come from word usage. I use the word fag as an insult despite the fact that I have quite a few gay friends and am bi myself. I don’t use it as in an insult because I hate gay people. It has meaning beyond what it was originally intended to mean at this point. Words do that.

      Hate, however, is not based in words. It’s based in thoughts; it’s based in actions. Calling a guy a fag because he dresses in an effeminate way does not make someone a homophobe. Treating someone differently because they have sex with members of the same sex does. Calling someone a nigger because they steal a car does not make someone a racist. Treating someone differently because they’re black does.

      • jrr

        I think the biggest problem with throwing around hate terms like these as general insults are the stereotypes it perpetuates. Kids, children, are highly suggestible, and when they grow up hearing terms these terms in a negative context, it just furthers the idea that being gay itself is negative. Until I hit high school and wizened up, I was just as homophobic is the next 12 or 13 year old. I can’t think of any explanation for that other than I heard people call stuff “gay” or people “fags” negatively, so the idea that being gay was a negative thing just stuck. I’ve even seen this play out with one of my nephews when he was younger.

        Meanwhile, there’s far too many people out there who are genuinely homophobic and hate gays, who actively try to limit their rights, that I don’t think society’s yet at the point where those words can be thrown around casually in such a way where it’s clear no offense is meant.

        Then again, I’m kind of a hypocrite too, since I’ll still use ‘em here and there when I think it’s makes for some unique laughs or making an argument (case in point, up above).

        It’s really just a shitty situation in general, but it’d be nice if at least people who claim to know better and have a voice that reaches 100s of 1000s or whatever didn’t further the problem.

    • very_random_man

      His point is that there’s far more important things to worry about than his choice of words. The sorcery reference was regarding recent events in Saudi Arabia where some guy was entrapped by police and arrested then executed for sorcery.

      • cma3585

        Isn’t this basically the same method perpetuated by anyone who gets ripped for making a regrettable remark? HEY GUYS, LOOK, MAYBE THERE’S SOME MORE IMPORTANT STUFF YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON OTHER THAN MY IDIOCY.

      • Aggroculture

        Nasty words can go a long way. Using degrading terms is a way of oppressing certain people: ask any African-American born before 1970. There is no words/actions dichotomy: words ARE actions. It’s 2011. The word “faggot” has no place in the metal scene, and Phil Labonte is a douche for not understanding this. It should be OK to be gay and be into metal, but still it’s not. The metal scene is full of outsiders and gay people should be welcome there.

      • jrr

        Then his point was completely asinine since he specifically called out the “metal ‘media’” for not covering it, as if it that would make any sort of sense at all.

        Actually, no, scratch that. I’m totally on board with this. Dammit, wook! Why are you wasting precious articles on iwrestledabearonce covering Slipknot when there are PEOPLE DYING overseas! WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES!?

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      I wish either of you white fuckers would call me n^gger to my face. I would ball you assholes up before you could make wink signs and talk your way out of it. bitches!

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        so really. I’m not black. lol. but I think as funny as you are that was a bit much. not that I am the police of the “n bomb”… you make your own damn bed (as they say).

        and Phil, you still suck!!! and that darkest grey song I heard years ago sucks too!

      • J3553

        excuse me, sir. i prefer “european american”.

      • jrr

        C’mon, winky faces are supposed to make everything alright.

        Clearly I was just trying to make a point, that everything Phil said in his own defense could just as easily be said of someone dropping an n-bomb, but something tells me he wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and defend such.

      • MustardTiger

        I drop n bombs all day! Nigga what?!

    • ATRtrolling

      Are you a fucking retard or just totally ignorant? You just ranted about how Phil using the term “faggot” freely was so wrong and how it offends people of the gay demographic. Then in the same rant you call the offender (Phil) a “nigger.” According to your logic this offends black people. Now tell me how does that make you any different from him you simple fuck? You should have to take a intelligence test to comment on shit like this. It would really stop douche bags like you from posting mindless bullshit.

      • jrr

        Read my follow up. My apologies for assuming most readers of this site have the ability to read between the lines. I’ll make sure to guide everyone step by step through future arguments.

  • cma3585

    So did Phil graduate high school?

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      I thought you had graduate in order to serve in
      the military these days. but Phil is going bald. perhaps during Veitnam they just took anyone willing to sign up.

  • SteveTango

    This bro can fuck off. Go make your radio-friendly metal and stop wasting my time, I have studio updates to read about, you mental midget.

    • ATRtrolling

      You do realize the BVB also makes radio friendly metal? They are both good bands you are just a dumb fuck.

      • jrr

        You do realize that BVB has absolutely nothing to with what people are upset about, don’t you? Oh, wait, you’re ATR fanboy the guy who replied to my post and already proved you lack the average level of logical comprehension. My bad.

        Side note: Guess who else listens to ATR? Me. Just ’cause you like a band, doesn’t mean you need to defend them blindly.

      • SteveTango

        Thanks for validating my point that ATR now makes radio-friendly metal. And the fact that I don’t like either band is personal opinion. You saying they’re good bands and calling me a dumb fuck because I disagree makes you look like an even dumber fuck. Congratulations, you lose.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    I think Phil was just using a word, eventhough it was a dumb word. However, I dont think you need to crucify him. Remember when ICP and Eminem had that little lovers quarrel. Eminem had to get on national Tv and explain how calling someone a ‘faggot’ means bitch, or some nonsense. Why backtrack and apologize, then youre admitting that you think you were wrong in the first place. If you really want to highlight jumping the proverbial shark, look no further than Michelle Bachman, who supports all the de-gay-ification her husband won’t admit goes on at his clinic. i think Phil was way less offensive than their backpedaling!

    • Daniels0719

      I’m with Rev. It’s a word that shouldn’t be said but again it’s a word.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    oh, and in keeping with the spirit of this thread: nigger. faggot. chink. spic. kyke. Freddie Mercury.

  • philippeletigre

    “And in six months no on will remember this at all.” Sort of like when I saw your predictable band open for Chimaira back in August ’05 and thankfully your formulaic image/sound dropped from my conscience…..

    “But in six months the guys who got their heads cut off for speaking out against the NarcoCartels in Mexico will still be dead”
    Justifies a purely idiotic drug war, doesn’t it?

    • ATRtrolling

      Chimaira is for pussies. ATR is the shit.

  • lateraleye789

    I think faggot & all those other “hate speech” words are just that, words. I think if you choose to be offended by it then that is your choice. However, this dude is a total moron if he didn’t realize how people would react to him using the word faggot. Did he really not expect people to react the way that they did? It must be nice to live in the world he does where people on the internet are rational. Also Louis CK has a great bit on the word faggot:

  • RxInfection

    I think calling Phil Labonte or Andy Biersack a “faggot” IS insulting. It’s insulting to gay people all across the globe.

    • SteveTango

      Agreed, joking or not on his part. Homosexual is to faggot, as African-American is to n*gger. Black people find that word derogatory and insulting, as do gay people find the word faggot derogatory and insulting, and you don’t go around calling people n*ggers do you*?

      *Rednecks and racists need not reply.

  • unearth99

    I guess nobody picked up on the point about the traffic to websites…like..ummmmm….this one? People are too fucking sensitive these days. Get the fuck over it morons.

    • SteveTango

      And what the fuck else are we going to focus on? The next Korn/Skrillex collab?? No thanks, I’d rather focus on flaming this ex-military flagrant fuck. And don’t act like he doesn’t read shit on this site. He will/is/had read(ing) this. He’s butthurt like David Draiman was when he found out he offended so many basement-dwelling mommy moochers.

  • adamonfire

    Gotta admit, the “faggots” at the end of the update is pretty damn funny.

  • Jason Doherty

    wait, did this broner just ask why the prp doesn’t cover rape or murder?

  • TimTebow

    wook – please stop with this shit. been reading the site for a decade now all of a sudden instead of news you are posting a bunch of bullshit people tweet. sorry, phil labonte or any singer just talking about something on a social media site isn’t newsworthy. if phil labonte tweets what he eats for breakfast, are you going to post a “All that remains singer speaks on eggs” news post? that’s what this is turning into.

    • SteveTango

      TimTebow — you are shit..definitely behind Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and even Christian Ponder…hell….even behind Colt McCoy.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        TRUE THAT SIR! So glad Cam Newton is playing for my team. But Andy Dalton is looking sharp also this year. Tim… go back to the gym duder.

      • G Scotty

        Awww but guysss! you haven’t even let me unleash the wild cat yet!

  • Chris Allan

    I bet if I showed all the people that commented here a picture of that Black Veil Brides guy a week ago, half would respond with “what a faggot”.

    • RxInfection

      That’s because half of this site is as big fucking idiots as Phil is. Your point. Is shit.

      • SiX50SiD

        well you should infect that image into your brain and call me in two hundred weeks.

  • erblecde

    Personally for me, when I say fag/faggot, it’s a very casual insult. If I’m talking about someone who’s gay, I say GAY. The word fag has kind of evolved past what it used to mean, so people need to stop thinking of it like that. Granted I curse very often, which is something I think Phil could relate to. It’s just the way he speaks. He’s just an average guy, and because he’s in a pretty popular band he gets scrutinized. People need to find something better to do with their time than analyze every goddamn thing their celebrities do.

  • jcsuperstar69

    how about everyone just shuts the fuck up and grows some balls.

    • ATRtrolling

      This guy has the right idea!

  • ATRtrolling

    To all you self-righteous mother fuckers who are bitching about Phil, you’re a bunch of cunts. Get over it.

    • tentonwolf

      Homophobic tweets aside, ATR and BVB suck dick at fuckin pussy! Everybody should like what they want and so on but I’m going to consider afformentioned groups an exception and assume the majority of the fanbase consist of the offspring of inbreeders and former/current huffers. Good day dipshit.

      • G Scotty

        Gah, remember back when the Offspring rocked?

    • SteveTango

      Welcome to the board, Phil Labonte. Hope you enjoy your stay, FAGGOT.

  • b00stin

    Get a fucking life you trendy trolling fucks. And please get off Phil labontes dick! Please and thank you.

  • RaeHNWY25

    Did anyone see the southpark episode where the motorcycle gang moved into town and the boys were all calling them faggots and it set the whole town up in arms? If you watched it, remember how the boys explained that to them it basically meant huge douche with no connection to sexuality and they petitioned to get the dictionary changed so people would calm the fuck down? I think Phil was saying the same thing; he wasn’t saying Beirsack is gay, he was saying he looks like a huge douche. But did anyone else get that? … of course not. Is this getting too much press? … of course it is. You know what makes me really mad? That the important issues aren’t being focused on. For example: An illegal immigrant stabbed a woman 7 times in the walmart parking lot to steal her car last sunday. (Yes, she died) In the town i work in, the walmart i shop at. Another illegal immigrant robbed the dollar general at gunpoint in the town i live in. (last night no less) (did i mention i was in that particular dollar general 24 hours before it was robbed at gun point; did i mention one of my best friends works at that store and could have had the gun put in her face if she had been working?) The towns are 15 minutes away from each other. Does that get a lot of press? Of course not. Does that issue get examined for what it is? of course not. Is there way too much time being spent examining this stupid shit? Absolutely.

    • Temujin

      I thought of the exact same thing with the South Park episode. I think there is a difference between using the word faggot, and saying I hate gay people. A huge difference…

      That south park episode also went on to explain that faggot used to have nothing to do with being gay, and it is now in the process of no longer having anything to do with sexuality.

      I think it is obvious he did not mean to offend the population of weiners out there…

  • My Farts Linger

    Phil, first off, your language is a direct reflection of your intelligence. Second, the radiance of your hypocrisy is literally burning a hole into my forehead. You claim to “back gay rights” but then you make a statement calling someone a faggot? Your story is about as consistant as the quality ( or lack thereof ) of your music.

    P.S – your napoleon complex seems to be taking a turn for the worse.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Rob Halford > Phil Labonte

  • Njustice4all

    haha i love this guy

  • American_Natemare

    I’ve never listened to this band, probably never will. Pretty much they sound like every other band that anyone into Tapout would listen to.
    Also, if you don’t think the term faggot is harmful, go call someone who’s gay a faggot and see. Then call a black man a nigger and get your ass shot.

    • My Farts Linger

      If you’ve never listened to the band how can you claim that they “sound like every other band that anyone into Tapout would listen to?”

      • American_Natemare

        There was supposed to be an ‘assume’ in there.

    • Temujin

      Just had to comment on the “getting shot” reference… while discussing delicate wording ‘n all…

  • nickygoods

    chimaira is the fucking shit, melodic rock/metal is for faggots

  • jk51084

    Whats the big deal … the guy from BVB does dress like a faggot and im pretty sure he has seen a dick up close… an inch away from his face close. Then again so did every glam rock band from the 80′s and Tommy lee got more pussy than any one man should ever have………when are you people going to learn music and politics dont mix any better than religion and politics. BVB sucks ass and holds it in like a bong rip. so their singer gets called a faggot and all the sudden your a bunch of BVB supporters come on.

    • American_Natemare

      There’s a difference between supporting a band and supporting basic human rights.

      • nickygoods

        spoken like a true homosexual

      • American_Natemare

        Sorry, I only date intelligent guys.

  • schuler


  • the hidden agenda

    I’m tired of all these rockstars with their stupid “twitter isn’t news” bullshit. If you didn’t want the attention, you wouldn’t have a twitter account in the first place.

    • SiX50SiD

      Wheere is old Randy when you need some LAMB to lamb these meat-heads down….he’ll coming ’round the mountain when they both cum…WTF!

      • SiX50SiD

        oh yeah I am glad when the 2012 tech bubble decides to “pop” because of private investments….TWITTER IS BYE BYE!! facebook still here because mEH!

    • Darkdevout

      Twitter is a place where everybody can say what they want because they CAN, Using someones tweets against somebody is just stupid. Let people tweet what they want, although I agree that there some things that are just to over the top to tweet…like this case, and for you people that actually USE twitter, Randy Blythes retarded comments had nothing to do with twitter, he was actually quite sophisticated, happy go-lucky on twitter, his retarded comments had to do with his blog. Exhibit A your tweets can’t be over a 100 and something characters, Randy ALWAYS has more than that…

  • Freedom4All

    I disagree with all these flames. Phil Labonte’s politics may get him in trouble. But you know what? I totally agree with him. His politics aren’t popular with everyone, but without freedom, we wouldn’t have such a great country. Phil rules! New Hampshire is lucky to have him.


    The reality is that most people in this world are overly sensitive and like to complain about everything because they are absolute pussies. Everybody needs to grow a damn backbone and learn to realize words are words and any idiot with two brain cells can run their mouth. Get over it, grow some balls and a backbone.

    To the dudes on here that said “words are actions” and “your language is a direct reflection of your intelligence”, you are both pathetic, sheltered, crybaby pussies. They are only words and if you don’t have the self-confidence and pride to shake insults off then I feel sorry for you two.


    hey if you guys give me 30 thumbs up on this post, i will change my name to ‘PHIL LABONTE IS A TOTAL DOUCHE.’

    • FarBeyondDriven

      No… Frankie still deserves recognition…
      How about
      Wish we could include Fred Durst somehow…


    p.s. ~ Phil Labonte is such a “nigger”.