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Coheed And Cambria Part Ways With Drummer Chris Pennie

Coheed And Cambria have parted ways with drummer Chris Pennie as a result of’creative differences’. The press release for that can be found below:

“Accomplished and influential drummer Chris Pennie, founding member of Dillinger Escape Plan and current member of progressive rock acts Coheed and Cambria, and Return To Earth, announced today that he is exiting Coheed and Cambria. Pennie and the band cited “creative differences” as the primary reasons for the split after the drummer’s 4-year tenure with the band.

Pennie officially joined Coheed in 2007, replacing drummer Josh Eppard and touring extensively with the band internationally. He is featured on Coheed’s most recent studio album, Year of the Black Rainbow.

Pennie will shift his full attention to his most recent projects, acclaimed progressive metal band Return to Earth (Metal Blade/Bald Freak) and Fight Mannequins. Return To Earth is currently working on their third album after releasing their Metal Blade debut, Automata, in 2010. Fight Mannequins, Pennie‘s music production company with Return To Earth guitarist Brett Aveni, recently completed their first documentary score and have produced two exciting artists whose albums will be released in 2012.

“I am very thankful for the times I shared the stage with the guys in Coheed and especially want to thank the amazing, supportive fans that I’ve met while on tour,” said Pennie. “There are a lot of exciting projects on the horizon in addition to Return To Earth and Fight Mannequins that I feel require 100 percent of my commitment and attention. I feel that this is the right time to make that happen.””

Well, there’s certainly worse ways to leave Coheed And Cambria.


  • Snapcase78

    see what happens to you when you leave DEP for effin Coheed and Cambria?!

    • Mr. Censored

      What? What exactly happens? You get to leave…?

  • adamonfire

    What kind of creative differences could they have had with this guy? He’s an amazing drummer, I loved his work in C&C and he was fantastic live. WTF.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      agreed. C&C are no DEP, but not a bad band by any means. besides it was a money move (no question) in the first place. so, as long as the “bling” rolls in why does he care/leave?

    • grantbrochill

      I imagine a C&C writing session goes like this: Claudio brushes his hair aside and plays a riff for everyone. Claudio then gives Travis his harmony riffs to play over top. Claudio then tells Chris where to play drum fills. And finally, Claudio asks the bass player to give him his pills back.

    • Stenny

      I read a interview from modern drummer with Chris from 2001. He talked about how he wanted to play drums for more pop/normal music. That is every good drummers dream job. In the end, especially after a fulfilling career with DEP- I think he realizes he is needed and works best in the crazy scene. You always comeback to where you began.

  • Kaine Muse

    I feel less bad about liking screamo when people respond to Coheed news…

    *Poops in a ziploc bag*

    I have their album if anyone wants it? *offers poop-bag*

  • Kaine Muse

    2nd joke: If someone would remove Matt Heafy’s testicles, you’d have even more Coheed music!

    • Aggroculture

      Except Matt Heafy has no testicles.

      • RCSoul

        Unless you count the 80′s James Hetfield’s testicles that he’s hanging from.

    • adamonfire

      To have a second joke you need to have a first joke.

      • SteveTango


    • Mr. Censored

      Someone is trying just a wee bit too hard for that Community Service feature.

  • goop

    Really who knows what they are thinking? For my taste Year of the Black Rainbow had some good songs on it but there are so many layers of sound I had to strain to hear the drums and in this case that just aint right. Best o luck to everyone anyways.

  • SteveTango

    He’s really probably better off. Go back to something that actually requires your talent, not something that needs you for filler. Seriously, my drum skills are very bare-bones (bass player, normally) and I feel I could run through half of C&C’s catalog no problem.

  • Relentless_Beating

    Good job Pennie. Soon DEP will probably need you back, and you can once again begin to write music that people care about. You have way too much talent for this.

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