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Winds Of Plague Debut “Refined In The Fire” Music Video

Winds Of Plague‘s new music video for their track “Refined In The Fire” has debuted online via and can be seen below:


  • allichs

    even if you don’t like these guys you have to admit that this is one of the better zombie-themed music videos out there.

    • RxInfection

      Eh, I’ll take Coheed’s “Blood Red Summer” video over this any day of the week.

      • allichs

        love Blood Red Summer, just watched the video. didn’t excite me, where’s the blood and gore? try again, bro.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      agreed. total shit vid from a total shit band. and the fact that I wasted time listening to “evil fucking fears me” again really hurts my soul. 2nd that shit RX

  • MyBowelTrigger

    Just never could get into this band. And the lyrics are something straight out of a creative writing class in high school.