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Lou Reed And Metallica’s “Lulu” Available For Streaming In Full

Lou Reed and Metallica‘s collaborative effort “Lulu” has been posted for streaming in full online through The effort will see a November 01st North American release and will look fantastic next to “Load“, “ReLoad” and “St. Anger” underneath that pile of dust.



    Nice one, wook.

  • toeballlordjimmy

    So i just listened to this start to finish. I feel like i have aged 20 years and been hit by a fucking bus. That was crazy. The strangest thing is i have no fucking idea if i liked it or not. Maybe they put that 9 minutes of white noise bullshit at the end for that very reason.

  • Livedefflo

    minus the vocals, this stuff is good.


    I never thought I’d say this about anything, but this is worse than the song Metallica did with Ja Rule for the Biker Boyz soundtrack…


    I am not sure whether I like this or not

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      I think now that I like it! not mind blowing, but strange and different and I like it. and fuck the “thumbs down” button. what does he know?

      • toeballlordjimmy

        I’m in the same boat mate. Halfway thru my 3rd listen now and i think i might be enjoying this. It’s a pretty amazing story told in a fucking crazy, abstract way. I dig it.

  • shnk666

    Metallica is making it hard for me to remain a fan of theirs. Especially with this record. I did listen to the whole things – its awful.

  • wearesorta138

    Plain and simple this is bad. I tried to listen to it removing the names Metallica and Lou Reed from my mind and it was still bad. I thought maybe, somewhere, there would be some moment where the light went on and I could go “Well, they at least had the right idea.” There was none. These two are like Johnny Walker Blue Label and Jager. You don’t mix them into one fucking drink. You enjoy them seperately and in different sittings.

  • allichs

    wtf? this shit is about 90 minutes long? no thanks, sirs. don’t need to hear it to know that it sucks even more than that shitty William Shitner Queen Cover.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    James Hetfield is no Nico.

  • Viking

    Hey now, Shatner’s Queen cover was worth every hilarious second, twice over. This just sounds dull, to say the least. Check out the video review of this over on the Metal Hammer site:

  • j from nj


  • RCSoul

    I knew this was going to be terrible, but I must have been subconciously hoping it was going to be good because I’m still surprised it’s so terrible.

  • sangresabia

    Damn, Wook! You nasty.

  • nickygoods

    metallica and lou reed present” the attrocity exhibition: exhibit three lulu”

  • nickygoods

    anyone that believes this record is even tolerable needs to get in their car roll up the windows and blast this record this will enable you remove the beer goggles you are currently wearing and come to your senses because lets face it real beer goggles may sometimes mean you are waking up next to a troll the next day but atleast you can be thankful that you got laid and hopefully no one saw you leave with said troll but if you refuse to remove them then my friend you are waking up next to a receipt for this album in which you paid actual money for and i wish you good luck explaining that to your friends and family

  • the HAVEN conspiracy

    Well i like the cover art that’s all i can say…

  • Kaine Muse

    man… i liked those albums…

    this however… *makes raspberry noisez*

  • mjclementz

    As a person who has very diverse music tastes, it’s not hard for me to see why certain crowds will hold this album up on a pedestal, while those who are primarily versed in metal (most of us here) will find it to be an audio atrocity. I would be willing to bet that this album will be MUCH more lauded by longtime Lou Reed/VU fans than by the hardcore Metallica fans. Most of the attitude that Metallica is known for is absent here. It’s much more about the art and the theme than it is the music and intensity.

    Personally, I don’t think this album will ever sit very well with me. I’ve only heard a couple songs so far, and while I do find it tolerable and even intriguing, I’m just not big on the whole concept and, to a greater extent, Lou Reed’s monotone vocals. I can’t say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, that to me seems like Overreaction Theater.

    Take it for what it is, folks. An experiment for the art-rock fans to relish.

  • mjclementz

    To further elaborate on my rant, I’d like to note that I would listen to this over St. Anger ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. So to comment on the current poll, THAT was the worst thing to happen to Metallica since Cliff’s death, not this.

  • roadhouse54

    Hello prp, long time reader first time poster.

    I’m listening to this album right now as we speak and damn is this thing awful. What really makes me cringe is Lou Reed speaking too much and Lars stagnant drumming. Did he just learn how to play the drums?

  • the hidden agenda

    Jesus Christ is that bad.