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Junius – Reports From The Threshold Of Death

Prosthetic 2011
Junius - Reports From The Threshold Of Death

There’s a nearly inimitable sense of beauty and darkness that Junius are able to conjure on “Reports From The Threshold Of Death“. The kind that alternately drones and pulses, with both overwhelming helplessness and inspirational determination.

Few bands have ever fully captured it and and fewer still have actually made it this engaging. And yet, through this veritable slit-wrist symphony of the finer traits of The Smiths, Deftones and Neurosis; Junius have done just that. This is no small part thanks to the Failure-reminiscent space rock canvas they routinely bleed out upon.

What would essentially be a funeral dirge under normal circumstances is buoyed and lifted beyond earthen constraints by the lingering ambiance and spacey atmospherics. A charming way to channel their ubiquitous melancholy to be sure. But it is the proverbial cultivation of despondency and its eventual blossom into subdued positivity that makes the songs truly resonate.

It’s odd that music so perpetually downtrodden can wind up feeling so uplifting. But through tuneful melodic touches, empowering keys and unwavering focus; Junius have delivered an intoxicating update of some the mid to late 90′s most endearing aural astronauts.

The added weight of a meaty rhythm section and some serrated distortion gives “Reports From The Threshold Of Death” enough bite to appeal to metalheads and black hearted goths alike. But it is the sullen honesty and emotional vulnerability that will likely keep the more bleak-minded listeners coming back for more.

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  • Surly

    Glad I read this review. This band is damn cool.

  • schuler

    Dudes are shitting their pants over this record. I have to get it now, so I can shit my pants, too.

  • revstevo

    see them live! and their split with rosetta is awesome

    • fake

      Agreed. Everyone listen to ROSETTA!

  • TheGoodDoctor

    junius is awesome….go get their whole back catalogue….it’s all good.

  • grantbrochill

    Saw these guys open for Circle Takes the Square in the basement of an American Legion. Cool sound, quality stuff.

    • grantbrochill

      I meant to include that this was years ago, implying that I’m super hip.

    • American_Natemare

      I saw the same tour. There was like, 10 people there and both bands still played their hearts out. It was phenomenal.

  • cma3585

    Absolutely brilliant album. A continuation, but maturation, of their last effort. This band has found their niche in the music world.

  • Canesten

    This is why i love this site. Did’nt know this band before tonight, but i’ll definitively put my hands on this album. It’s like a melancholic ethereal heavy sonic wave. Ok, i’ll keep it simple: this is some serious good shit.

    • Sick Icarus

      Took the words right out of my mouth (keyboard?)!

      • MARIACHI EL willX


  • Dax

    Lord almighty, how have I never heard of this band? They are ridiculous! I am ordering the new one on vinyl. Amazon was out of the other two so I rocked iTunes for it – which was painful but I need songs now,,,,,

  • southpawchew

    not really giving it much thought here but just having it as background music from facebook i would say it reminds me a lot of the smiths mixed with paridise lost

  • theguilty1

    This album is ridiculous. Definitely in my top records of the year.

    • Dax

      I have only really heard the two releases available on iTunes (vinyl ordered for all 3 off their site) – but the new song they are teasing on their website is flat out ridiculous. I am very much digging the vibe and the kick patter the drummer is laying down is way not what I’d expect but it works so well….. I await hearing the whole thing.

  • MetalMusicAddict

    I’m in the same boat as you guys. I didn’t know. Thanx PRP for the skoolin’.

  • RCSoul

    That stream Wook posted gave me an excuse to listen to this. As much as everyone has been gushing over this album, I expected to be blown away by this and I wasn’t. It’s like Type O meets Deftones and it often crosses the cheesiness line too often for me. It’s not terrible, but I think there was a lot of way better shit released this year. For me there was a lot of average shit that was better than this, too. I guess I’m the minority here.

    • snake

      I’m with you dude. This album is way overrated. Every song sounds virtually the same. It gets monotonous after the first listen. I think they could have potential if they worked harder at creating something more unique.

  • MyBowelTrigger

    This album is absolutely amazing. Though they’ll never be duplicated, Junius definitely fills the hole left by Isis disbanding.

    • snake

      No one can fill the hole ISIS left until Neurosis releases an album

  • fake

    It’s like if The Cure and Depeche Mode had a kid and it wanted to rip harder than its parents.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Comforting. A very big sound.
    Just a heavy feeling.
    The words in these songs are too much, but not in a bad way. (Anyone bought this? Anyone read the notes under the instrumental?) Holy balls.
    Wonderful artwork and another thanks to this website for a push in the right direction.

  • JohnnyRuthless

    Top – fucking – notch!

  • G Scotty

    Definitely has a Smiths-esque feel to it, and i hate the Smiths, but i like this. My girlfriend is a big Morrissey (sp?) fan, maybe i can turn her on to this so i dont have to hear the smiths in her car anymore?!?

  • MetalMatt

    Too many big words.
    Not a bad album though. It can all sound the same with vocal hooks that jump out at you.
    Like Deftones without any of the balls-out stuff.