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The Dillinger Escape Plan Frontman Slams Disturbed, Initial Writing Sessions For DEP/Ex-Jane’s Addiction, Etc. Supergroup Complete

The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato has certainly not warmed up to Disturbed over the years. A recent tweet from Puciato reads as follows:

“There’s a new Disturbed song caled “Hell“.Never has a level of irony been so high. Band name=fanbase. Song=where I’d rather be than hear it.”

In related news, there’s a bit of a mutual admiration society going on between The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman and ex-Jane’s Addiciton bassist Eric Avery. Both of whom are participating in a new ‘supergroup’ with members of Mastodon and more.

The pair recently finished up a weeklong writing session together that was reportedly for the project. Weinman tweeted the following about that earlier today (October 05th):

“Thanks @ericavery for being 1 of the most interesting people, both musically and otherwise, I have had the pleasure to create with.”

Meanwhile, Avery tweeted:

“thanks b weinman for getting me in touch with the little inner prog rocker whos been lying dormant in me since my deeply stoned early teens.”


  • David

    way to be a bit of a dick. I’ve always thought that it’s not right for artists to disrespect other artists, but I guess DEP is miles ahead of Disturbed musically anyway

    • Aries Veil

      He’s not being a dick, he’s just stating the obvious. I mean, who even listens to Disturbed?

      • RhiNo

        Your sentence should be re-worked. Who, with half a brain about rock, hard rock or metal, listens to Disturbed? They somehow sell loads of records and sellout concerts.

  • deadsilence

    I don’t like disturbed… but talking shit about another band is pathetic. Grow up Greg :)

  • rockout54

    i’ve got a younger cousin who’s 19 now, and when he was 10 or 11, he loved disturbed. told me how he loved that they were “heavy and crazy”, so i showed him 43% burnt thinking “there is no way this kid will be interested in this.” changed his life from that day forward. still likes dillinger, hates disturbed (and the like), and loves madball.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    I know what you’re saying, Dave, but there’s a difference between artists and designers. It does take creativity to think of the catchiest designs/commercials/ads. But the designer’s motive is to make dough by being as obnoxious, hip, and gimmicky as possible. To me, Disturbed is just a stupid fuckin’ Geico commercial trying to appeal to people who don’t know any better or have any idea what they’re really selling anyway. That, my friend, is a product.

    • brenthardcore

      You basically hit the nail on the head. I have to admit I thought Sickness was a cool ass tune when it first came out. Although, I soon wisened up to how terrible they were and a still are. I always look at Disturbed fans as people who like heavy music but are brainwashed by popular radio so they think Disturbed’s the end all be all of what metal is. Fucking hilarious most of the time.

  • adamonfire

    Disturbed’s nothing amazing, but I’d still rather listen to them over DEP. Dude’s way too smug for the music he puts out.

  • American_Natemare

    So, Dave hasn’t gotten on twitter to tell Greg to get out of his parents basement yet?
    Ben needs to dump this new side project so we can finally get a Shit Yeah! release.

    • adamonfire

      I believe Dave is well aware Greg would beat the absolute shit out of him if thing started gettin’ real.

  • dillinger1

    LOL i remeber seeing ‘Here comes the sickeness’ video on Muchmusic back in the day, I said to myself what the fuck is this shit?? Kill Posers couldnt begin to say how much a hate this band…by the way i thought these fuckers broke up?!

  • eofa

    Bravo Greg.

    Never liked the D-urbs. Basically I think when Metallica was really shitting the bed for awhile, D-urb and Godswank filled the gap for either the Top 40-No Fear Sticker-Affliction wearing-frat boys who found metal, or the dudes who still think leather pants, The Crow and Hot Topic are the best things ever.

    DEP rules, even though my brain gets scrambled by their tunes sometimes.

    • Dave

      listened to btbam and tdep for the first time for about three and a half hours while studying for a final. I’m pretty sure my mind exploded.