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Phil Anselmo Opens Up On Dimebag, Rex Brown And More In Revealing Interview

Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down, etc. fame recently participated in a poignant and insightful interview with “High Times“. The topics include everything from his struggles with addiction, Dimebag Darrell, his former Pantera/Down bandmate Rex Brown, Layne Staley, Pete Steele and much more.

You can watch the whole interview in segments below with part four in particular being quite revealing.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


  • Weird_White_Dude

    Wow. That 4th part…It’s rare to see Phil talk deeply about anything but himself, But he really opened up about Dime, Vinny and Rex. So sad to watch the guys I worshipped growing up just kinda disintegrating. Fuck.

    • TheBDanAbstract

      Will have to watch this later. I really wish the drama between Vinny and Phil would end. Phil was out of line with what he said, but for someone as fucked up as he was at the time, it’s kind of forgivable a decade later.

  • scorpions

    im about to go crank up, war nerve… fuck…

  • stuckpig

    Jesus. There’s a lot to be said about this interview. I wanna start with Rex and it doesn’t look too good on where he’s going and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it. Not even Phil for god sakes because now that he’s not a current member of Down, he’s going to be alone at home with his wife and kids (I would assume) err, wait a second! doesn’t he have a new band called Kill Devil Hill or something? ahh, who the fuck knows anymore, hah. Anyways, 3 out of 4 members from Pantera are still alive and kickin’ so I still have some faith that they’ll pull it together and patch things up…but for some reason I have a feeling that is just wishful thinking. Probably from watching this interview! lol. Life’s crazy man. I’ve been listening to Pantera ever since 1994 and still to this day I play them regularly. I was just listening to the live album with the 2 studio tracks that kicks every corny, lame band out there today into the deepest parts of outer space. Thank you. Good night.

  • wearesorta138

    “The second I see a guy in a suite and tie I am fucking suspicious as fuck.”
    For whatever’s happened the man is still seems like a guy who you could shoot the shit with. Anytime I miss Pantera, toss on The Great Southern Trendkill and I’m five by five.

  • southpawchew

    i never expected the guy who penned good friends and a bottle of pills to be sooo…… sober.

    • scorpions

      that interview was a little hard to follow at times…this is coming from someone who hears two hour lectures on continental plate division 3 days a week… hes about as sober as amy winehouse, dude…

      • BranchDavidianStyle

        I’m going to have to agree with you on this one. I found it rather difficult to follow simply because he talks so slow…which is typical during a THC high. The interview itself and the information presented and revealed was definitely interesting, but I just found that it was like listening to my dad speak where I just want to finish his sentences because he’s talking so goddamn slow.

        I know it was meant to be heartfelt, but him talking so slow somewhat detracted from the overall mood…not to mention his over-use of any of the variations of the word “fuck”…including “hu-fuckin-miliating”.

        Definitely a respectable chap though.

      • chtimixeur

        He’s been talking slowly like that for years. Same thing with the deep voice. It’s an act, just like Michael Jackson’s high pitch voice.

        But I really doubt he’s using any hard drugs. Just look at him now and 7 or 8 years ago. He was a mess. Now, he looks in way better shape, and he doesn’t talk silly anymore.

    • southpawchew

      i didnt mean he was all out sober i am just suprised at his overall sobrity, good for him anyway. i always wondered why the fuck anyone would shoot dimebag for braking up pantera but i guess this dude just hated pantera over all. r.i.p. dimebag

      • Viking

        Dime’s killer was a paranoid schizo, off his meds and in life’s toilet, who for years had harbored the delusion that Pantera had robbed him of his innermost thoughts and feelings to compose their lyrics. No bullshit. When he hit rock bottom, Dimebag was a convenient scapegoat.

  • chtimixeur

    Brutally honest interview from Phil. I strongly suggest to anyone here to watch the whole thing.

  • LadyGrossly

    Very good interview. Phil is even more of a badass to me now. It’s super hard to let go of anger and turn it into something positive. He seems on the right track. Hope it stays that way.

  • Hog_lumps

    Ok im gonna do a before and after comment. This is my before comment. I absolutely think Phil Anselmo is one of the worst people on the planet. He is full of himself, arrogant, and an asshole. All he cares about is how he can get ahead and if he has to fuck someone over in the process oh well. I dont wish anyone any harm but I think if he got shot instead of Dimebag, it wouldnt have been such a big loss.

    • stuckpig

      Do you have any clue on what you’re talking about? If you’ve read/watched more Phil Anselmo interviews, you’ll clearly understand why he was the way he was. He’s openly said that the biggest misconception of him is that he’s “unapproachable”…he just naturally comes across as a tough dude and he is. Some people don’t get that. To say that he’s one of the worst people on the planet is pretty obsurd. He doesn’t molest children, rape women or go on a grand theft auto binge on a Sunday morning. I mean c’mon dude. The music industry is FULL of shady snakes looking to rob bands left and right. That ain’t no secret. Phil’s a little more wiser and can definitely sniff bullshit a mile ahead at this point in his career, wouldn’t ya say? So it makes him an asshole that he stands up and speaks his mind on certain topics…yeah. We need more people like him. Pushovers are for the vultures.

      • Hog_lumps

        I havent watched the interview yet because my computer wasnt working. Im pretty sure even after I watch the interview my opinion of him wont change. So being a super drug addict and an alcoholic gives him an excuse for acting like a turdsandwich? how much sense does that make? People need to take responsibility for their actions and words whether they are under the influence of something or not. Dont get me wrong I love Pantera but I listen to them more for the music aspect and less for the lyrics altho I loved Pantera before in my opinion Phil turned into an asshole so Pantera will always be one of the best in my book. Im like that with alot of bands. I cant stand people who run their mouths. So when they do it kinda ruins bands for me. I have stopped listening to alot of bands because of egos. Leave that shit at home.