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Redeemer Sign With Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare

Redeemer have inked a deal with Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare. The group are set to enter the studio this fall to begin recording their debut EP for the label and offered the following insight on their music:

“We write songs about struggle and about pain because we all know about that. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is our focus, not religion or the dividing walls of a hierarchy. We have to come back to the heart of worship. Our songs are written mostly about things that we’ve all struggled with individually or as a whole such as our own pride, our struggle at times to keep praising through the storm, struggles with being hurt by church communities, and spiritual battles that have torn all of us apart in our own respect.”

A demo of the bands song “Still Raining” can be found below:


  • robichaud1

    Whiny, contrived, boring garbage. Next.

  • BranchDavidianStyle

    I read “…our relationship with Jesus Christ…” and automatically decided not to listen.

    I can appreciate music with a Christian sentiment and undertone if the talent and intelligence is there. But this band just seems like they have presented themselves with every reason why they should NOT believe in Jesus Christ but they are too blind to recognize said reasons.

    Also, the fact that they have been signed to Mediaskare tells me that they probably lack the amount of talent required for me to actually give half of a shit about them enough to check them out.

    • TattooPanda

      haters gonna hate. keep being a pretentious prick. kudos!