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  • schuler

    Malice and Mirrors were fucking killer albums. I have yet to check out Controller, but this is all the push I need. Can’t wait to hear more from these dudes, this band owns.

    • Surly

      One of the best progressive metalcore bands around. You should check out ‘Mirrors’, their second record too.

      • grantbrochill

        Check out ‘Of Malice and Magnum Heart’ while you’re at it, too.

    • skyburial

      Without a doubt check out Controller.

    • Surly

      Oh.. never mind…I just realised you had already referenced ‘Mirrors’. Uhh..yeah.

      • schuler

        And Malice. But you two repeating me just goes to show how fucking awesome the band is. :)

  • skyburial

    Devin Townsend needs to produce this and every other MS album. Malice and MIrrors are great, but I still have trouble putting down Controller. It’s fucking amazing. The “hugeness” of the Townsend sound really compliments these guys. Stoked!

    • Surly

      I’d have to agree. The ‘hugeness’, in terms of sound, is apocalyptic in its heaviness. Case in point-

  • My Farts Linger

    Misery Signals are ok. To me, nothing ground-breaking or really even worth remembering. To label them “progressive” is a bit of a stretch. Maybe mildly progressive metal-core.

    The new Machine Head is stellar!!!

    Honestly, getting pretty sick of the same regurgitated metal vocals. Yes, congratulations, you can scream and growl in a plethora of frequencies. To me, it’s nice to understand a lyric every now and then.

  • Chris Allan

    ^ That’s one of the things I always liked about MS, you can understand at least 90% of what he’s screaming. This has been my favourite band for at least 6-7 years, I was a bit disappointed when I saw them on Crush Em All though. They played basically the exact same set as last time I saw them 3 or so years ago. I would have loved to hear “The Stinging Rain” or “Sword of Eyes” live, but oh well. This new material will be killer, without a doubt.


    misery signals is quality…..