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Anal Cunt’s “The Old Testament” Due In November

Anal Cunt will posthumously release a 2-CD collection of their earliest recordings entitled “The Old Testament” on November 22nd via Relapse. The outing of course follows the passing of frontman Seth Putnam earlier this summer. Original drummer Tim Morse commented on the release with the following:

“The releases this year have turned out to be far more important than anyone ever could have imagined. They officially mark the end of A.C., forever. The band [Seth] started 23 years ago became our lives. And as we all know, all things including lives…must end. But as a memorial to both Seth and A.C., we are all blessed to have had experiences as amazing as this.”


  • mjclementz

    The industry just hasn’t been the same since Anal Cunt left the scene. What are teenagers going to listen to now?

    On a more solemn note, I hadn’t heard that Putnam passed, and I’m saddened by this news. Hopefully he’ll be laughing at Hitler and the homosexuals for all of eternity.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    I always liked A.C. even tho growing up in Boston this was NEVER the “In” thing to do. For as fucked up as everyone claimed they were, They were always super tight when I saw them live…Except the time Seth passed out mid song and just face planted off stage, Cracking his head wide open, Thus ending the show. Haha.