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Spineshank Debut New Song “Murder Suicide”

Spineshank have debuted a new song from their upcoming album “Anger Denial Acceptance” online. You can check out “Murder Suicide” over at Noisecreep.


  • cma3585

    I dig it…wish they had the electronic elements they used in the past but this is still pretty solid and surprisingly not a Silent Civilian clone.

  • allichs

    miss the electronica too in this one, not the killer song that I expected :(

  • Patrick Swayze

    Funny, because Murder, Suicide is what I feel like doing when I see “Spineshank debut new song”

    • Lern2Swim

      Please do. Take your mother out with you for committing the crime of not taking a coat hanger to you in the womb.

  • RhiNo

    This was an enjoyable listen. Looking forward to the new album!

    • Patrick Swayze

      Would be looking to the album is it was 1999

      • RhiNo

        Did you even listen to it? It isn’t bad at all, it isn’t like it’s Disturbed…

    • Patrick Swayze

      Mate, its fucking terrible… How Spineshank still has a following, is beyond me.

      • RhiNo

        To each their own.

  • The New Fury

    There needs to be a Coal Chamber, American Head Charge, and Spineshank tour NOW. I would actually love that haha.

  • MTOcean890

    After the chorus I figured I had heard enough. Its fine. I did have to put on The Height of Callousness to clear my head after.

    • MTOcean890

      also the album title is a response to David Draiman Nu-Metal comments.
      Boom. Roasted.

      • Vujaa De

        if any Spineshank song title were to be associated with David Draiman, it would be New Disease.

  • toeballlordjimmy

    Iv’e never really listened to these lads but i dug this. Maybe it’s time to go back and have a crack at some older tunes.

  • schuler

    I actually dig this way more than I thought I would. The demos they were releasing on Myspace, etc, over the last couple of years just sounded like b-sides from the last album. And that album was okay, but parts of it felt really phoned in. “Stillborn” was the shit though, and I get the same vibe from this new one. Stoked about hearing more. But the band picture… the comb-overs… I was right.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Not bad. Not great. I’ll have to hear the record to see if i like it.

    Or not.

  • shnk666

    This is about what I expected, but yes, no digital bass drops or ‘spacey’ orbital sounds to really give it that spice!

  • Aggroculture