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Slipknot’s ‘Clown’ Producing New Dirtfedd EP

Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn Crahan will be producing Dirtfedd‘s upcoming new EP. He is currently doing pre-production with the group and commented on the process with the following:

“Last thing I want to share is that I am working with one of my favorite bands again “Dirtfedd“. I produced their first album The American Nightmare. We had such a great time and these guys opened for Slipknot a few time and killed it. They are amazing and they are really good people. I am producing a EP for them that will be out early next year and today is the second day of pre production.

We went through 15 songs and brought it down to 6 for the EP. There always will be a live video that I will direct and a making of the album video as well. Most music today blows so you need to check them out for yourselves and get with them. The album I produced is on I Tunes and you can check out their Facebook as well. They are call Dirtfedd and they are the shit. I will be posting pictures all day of us working. Enjoy your Saturday my friends. Be safe.



  • mjclementz

    I’ve been a big fan since the start and am usually very interested when a member of Slipknot gets involved somewhere (a la Will Haven) but with Clown, it usually is a marker for what I should stay well away from. That Dirty Little Rabbits thing and wasn’t there some shitty rap deal too at some point? Regardless, this guy’s always brought that WWE theatrical element to a band that rides that line too close in the first place. Killer tunes though.

  • tentonwolf

    Saw dirtfedd open up at krrofest ’09, these guys were crushing and had crazy energy. With a little work on lyrics and getting all the bugs out this could be a solid group.

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