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Deftones Members Share Their Spotify Playlists

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has shared some insight on what he gets down to via a shared Spotify Playlist. Band sampler, etc. Frank Delgado has also posted his own Spotify Playlist as well. “93 ‘Til Infinity” is fully backed.


  • cma3585

    Maybe Chino purposely didn’t Far on there to seem obvious? It’s obvious enough over their last couple albums he wants them to be Far.

    • Surly

      I wish I could downgrade your comment into utter oblivion.

      • lateraleye789

        I second that.

    • mongolianchopsquad

      ‘Diamond Eyes’ sounded nothing close to Far, and neither did ‘Saturday Night Wrist’ except for the bonus cover track of ‘Drive’ that Chino collaborated on with Shaun Lopez.

      • mongolianchopsquad

        Deftones have always been themselves, developing their unique sound that mixes nu-metal, electronica, hip-hop, ambient, post-rock and etc.
        Far is a good band, but their sound does not cover many genres and uniqueness as much as the Deftones.

    • mjclementz

      I gave him a thumbs up just to be different from the pack. Also I’m not offended by someone’s opinion on the ‘tones’ direction.

      • mongolianchopsquad

        Good for you.

      • BranchDavidianStyle

        I’m happy that you climbed out of your ivory tower long enough to preach stentorian from the mount about respecting opinions because someone really needs to teach these plebeians…

        …wait…actually…it seems to be more of a passive-agressive way of insulting everyone that can actually recognize the painfully obvious fact that Deftones sounds nothing like Far. Hrm…I guess we’re the stupid ones…

  • allichs

    daaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyymn, they both seem to be uber-hipsters.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      true, who are these bands/players/whatever?

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