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Staind Perform “Not Again” On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Footage Available

Staind‘s live performance of their track “Not Again” on aired on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night (September 13th) and can be seen below. The bands new self-titled album is available in stores now.


  • the hidden agenda

    Not bad. It’s worth pointing out, that all of these years later, their bass player is still the ugliest person I have ever seen.

  • wyldweasil

    Is it just me or does the bassist look like he’d be better suited in some Bon Jovi tribute band?

    • Surly

      No it’s not just you. I have been questioning his hair style choice since I saw the bands most recent promo pics. I also realise this sounds highly superficial, but I really don’t care, but what is with Aaron’s persistent need to sport skatewear clothing and hats which better suit a 15 year old teenager?

    • TheGoodDoctor

      wow. good call. i haven’t bothered to really look at any of their promo material for this album……but really? i think if you’re going to choose a hairstyle like that you should have to explain yourself

  • Kberzerker

    Simple explanation, Meth.