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Phil Anselmo Performs Pantera Songs With Members Of Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth & More At “Metal Masters 2″, Footage Available

The recent Metal Masters clinic at the Best Buy Theater in New York City, NY last night (September 12th) turned out to be a star-studded affair. Undoubtedly the highlight of the night included Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down fame joining Slayer‘s Kerry King (guitars); Anthrax‘s Scott Ian (guitars); Megadeth‘s David Ellefson (bass); Anthrax‘s Charlie Benante (drums) and more for renditions of Pantera‘s “Fucking Hostile” and “A New Level“.

The event was broadcasted live throughout the internet with footage of that available below:

Fucking Hostile“:

A New Level“:

Anselmo also apparently joined members of Anthrax onstage for a rendition of their track “Indians” as well, though footage of that has yet to surface.


  • James Deceit

    Phil’s voice sounded thrashed and gnarly as hell like he had laryngitis or something and he scattered the lyrics all over the place for Fucking Hostile but it doesn’t matter because just the fact that this happened is pretty awesome.

    Phil got me into to metal so he can’t do no wrong in my book. (Unless it’s heroin). Glad to see he can still go apeshit like it’s 1992 and play some Pantera songs with Kerry King and Scott Ian. Shit both of those dudes were great friends with Dime and they have no problem jamming with Phil what the fuck is Vinnie Paul’s problem? I think it’s called Hellyeah.

  • James Deceit

    I have to imagine when your 40 something and you’ve been a heavy drinker and drug abuser and your trying to remember lyrics you wrote from almost 20 years ago from a song you probably haven’t sang in 9 years it’s gonna be tough to remember. So actually he did a great job lol. I can’t hate on Phil Pantera is my favorite band.

    • MetalMaster174

      Yea mab, Izzy uses a teleprompter so, kudos to Phil.

    • MetalMaster174

      Yea mab, Ozzy uses a teleprompter so, kudos to Phil.

  • James Deceit
  • Bob Ross

    That really wasn’t that great. Kerry King’s solo sucked, not that I expected anything less. And Phil’s vocals were all sorts of fucked up. Still, in my opinion, Phil is the most badass metal vocalist ever…

  • chtimixeur

    Despite the bad vocals, this is what a big 4 jam should be, instead of safe covers Metallica has been playing for 20 years. I mean, look at that line-up !

  • scorpions

    ohhhhh, motherfuck yes…

  • scorpions

    ohhhhhhhh, fuckin mother yes…

  • Weird_White_Dude

    He called Mike Portny “The motherfuckin’ Dream Theater guy” or something like that. Haha.

    And yes, Phil sounded horrible, But I don’t give a fuck. I would killed to see this…Well, Maybe not killed, But you get it.

  • nickygoods

    after years of sub-par bands covering this song its finally being covered by one of the originators of the actual song, gods be praised!!! phil you’re still badass even if you have no idea where you are!!!!!!!!

  • aroundthefur

    Anselmo was and is the weakest link in Pantera. Pantera will always be Dimebag and Vinnie. If anyone should be performing their tunes it should be HellYeah.

    • American_Natemare

      Phil is the reason Pantera stopped playing glam rock ala Van Halen. If it wasn’t for Phil, you’d never have Vulgar/Far Beyond/Trendkill, three of the best metal albums ever made. But I guess if you want to listen to shitty bands like Hellyeah, go for it. Leave more room for the rest of us in the circle of good metal fans.

      • dmoe

        As some have stated here. Phil had a huge impact in their direction. Not just for his singing style but his lyric writing. I still consider him to have some of the best lyrics and wordplay in this genre. Or overall really. Listen to the lyrics to songs like “13 Steps to Nowhere” or even “Strength beyond Strength” and tell me you can find that scope in other bands during and even after that era? He’s not some bro just “screaming”.

        Phil Anselmo regardless of his behavior outside of music is about as talented as a lead could dream of becoming. The guy needs to be cloned.

    • tentonwolf

      Hellyeah sucks dick at fuckin pussy dude, at least phil can use heroin as an excuse for some of his mishaps. What the fuck is vinnie’s?

    • Relentless_Beating

      That’s just crazy.

    • dmoe

      Not only is Phil responsible for Pantera’s visceral sound. He’s also responsible for that style of vocal sound. Till this day I cannot find anyone who has his range on record. Going from balls out yelling to actually harmonizing smoothly like that?

      Phil is a beast and completely untouched in the realm of metal.


    this is the reason the internet was invented, to keep those of us in located in fuckingnowhere Egypt can see/ let alone know this kinda shit still happens. Burly!

    • MARIACHI EL willX

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  • dmoe

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