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The Browning Streaming New Album “Burn This World”

The Browning are streaming their new album “Burn This World” from September 12th (that’s today, just in case you are slow) through to September 15th via their Facebook. The outing is due out in stores on October 04th through Earache.


  • southpawchew

    agh how do i unlike this?

  • southpawchew

    holy fuck it just keeps getting worst! its got to be 10x worst then the new korn dubstop cd, WHHHYY DO WE NEED DUBMETAL AHAHAHH!

  • allichs

    hey bro, proofread your comments before you post them. they are annoying as fuck. gonna check this record out later!

  • nickygoods

    terrible band name i’ll give em that, sounds like a scat movie