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Kittie Take Part In “Pool Party Interview”

Kittie apparently took part in a “pool party interview” for‘s “Headbangers Ball“. Normally I get agitated when I am region blocked from a website, but in this case I can’t say I’m too torn up. The video info mentions that there isn’t even a proper pool, so unless there’s a Crocodile Mile, I probably just wasted your time. Sorry about that.


  • Dax

    I used to have a Crocodile Mile back in the day! Although it sounded like a good idea, it never really lived up to the hype – kind of like this band. Nice reference…

  • Excuses A Exits

    Why even cover Kittie news if you’re gonna bash them at every chance you get? ThePRP is the new blabbermouth anymore, who takes it seriously? 15 years as a band, still on the biggest independent label in North America, still touring the world, still making videos, still gaining fans. The haters are nothing more than a laugh to them. Bitches wishing they could do what they’re doing….remember that.

    • HonoluluBlueBalls

      Just out of curiosity, which member are you? Don’t say you’re just a fan, because no one cares enough about Kittie to defend them with such vigor.

      • Excuses A Exits

        Been a fan since before they were signed. Kittie, ALL OF THEM make it clear, gossip sites are a joke to them. Go watch interviews. When they’re asked about sites such as blabbermouth or metalsucks…they seriously burst into laughter. BTW. Please, give me the link to your band. I’d LOVE to hear it! Oh to be a successful touring the world band for 15 years, i’m sure they care what doucheballs thinks of them. lmfao. rofl. bbqftw,

      • American_Natemare

        Can I cone to the ‘Bar-B-Que, Fuck The World’ picnic? I’ll bring the vegan hotdogs.

      • American_Natemare

        Can I come to the ‘Bar-B-Que, Fuck The World’ picnic? I’ll bring the vegan hotdogs.

    • I Am Legend

      I wanna give them shit for touring with ICP, but i can’t do that in good faith because CKY did some shows with them too. And hell, Born of Osiris is doing a festival tour with those douchewibblers in Emmure, so whatever. I guess even good bands sometimes tour with shit ones. Hey by the way, i like your Silent Hill profile pic. I’m a fan.

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