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Mushroomhead Vocalist Jeffrey Nothing Debuts New Song “Death Masquerade”

A track taken from Mushroomhead frontman Jeffrey Nothing‘s forthcoming solo album “The New Psychodalia” has arrived online. You can check out “Death Masquerade” over at “The New Psychodalia” will land in stores on October 11th through Suburban Noize if you somehow still want to pick it up after hearing the above song. Sorry Ohio.


  • Kaine Muse

    no offense taken! this douche ruined our hometown band. j man is 216. endofstory.

    • Weird_White_Dude

      Ya know, It always struck me as weird that J Man was in Mushroomhead, Being that he was in so many good straight forward fast hardcore and metal bands. My favorite being In Cold Blood. That band ruled. It was basically Integrity without Dwid.

      Ahhhh, The good ol’ days of Victory Records.

      • American_Natemare

        And know I can never listen to In Cold Blood again.

  • scorpions

    Sorry Ohio? Fuck you Wook… Haha… Anything associated w mushroomhead has been garbage for a pretty long time… New chimairas aight…

  • HoodooOperator

    Mushroomhead should have thrown in the towel after M3 (their 3rd local release). Growing up in Cleveland and seeing them for 4 years while they were the biggest drawing local act was incredible. The shows were legendary and they were definitely adding to the list of local greats (In Cold Blood, Integrity, Ringworm, State Of Conviction, Nine Inch Nails, (216)) but then came XXIII….and then Jason Popson left and then…well….Mushroomhead just stopped trying. At least the Pitch Black Forecast album was rockin’! And don’t worry ’bout OhighO, Wook. I moved to Sacramento 3 years ago and I’ve never been in a town that more bands avoided like the plague while on tour in my life. If nothing else, most bands hit Cleveland on tour so it can’t be that bad.

    • Weird_White_Dude


      Metal core BEFORE there was even Metal core. Hands down my favorite Clevo band ever. SO damn underrated too. And they’re still releasing quality albums. Band is incredible. Sucks they signed such a horrible deal w/ Victory. They’re definitely a better fit for a Deathwish or Southern Lord type of label.